Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is mom riding her new horse. Ella is a 4 year old Quarter horse. They both have 'pony tails' :)

Practicing her jog

Baby face

Dad's dog, Dudley and the all-time favorite Frisby

Dad takes a ride

We borrowed Ally's saddle to ride Ella. She won it in 2008.

A nice relaxing weekend at mom and dad's. Not to mention the Great Darke County Fair and the food. Yummage! After which my cousins came over and showed me how to play 7up 7down. I got beat of course, but it was fun.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Well, things should be slowing back down shortly. School is starting back soon. In fact, Jay is at IWU tonight through Tuesday for 'orientation' of sorts. He is starting a Master's program there.
Labor day weekend is planned - a trip to visit my youngest sister in Florida. I haven't been down to the college to see her since she went last year. I am looking forward to that.
Thankfully, my second job is flooded right now which gives me quite a few hours per week. Since we aren't doing loans for Jay's master program, these extra hours are a blessing!