Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speedy weekend

Bullwinkle accompanied me on a quick trip up to the 'farm.' When I got there I asked Mom if their lawnmower was broken - LOL! I guess their grass grows as quickly up there as it does down here. I promptly hopped on one of their riding lawnmowers and went at it. I LOVE mowing - it is very relaxing for me and I feel like I am getting something done while not really doing much. I mowed for about 4 hours or so. I got most of their 3 acres mowed. This is a small wagon my mom gave me that used to be my Grandpa's. It is just the perfect size for Bullwinkle :o)

My brother, Brent, and his gal, Holley, were home for the weekend. They went mushroom hunting and found quite a few 'sponge' and 'spike' mushrooms. Yay for them! We are quite proud of Holley. She is studying to become a nurse!

The 'shrooms of course.

Bullwinkle playing his favorite game.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday dinner - beginner level

Last night, Jay 'asked' if we could have someone over for Sunday dinner- love how they give you so much warning! Brad, one of the main actors in our Easter drama, would be our guest. I approved although I didn't have any Sunday dinner plans. I am not a procrastinator UNLESS it involves meals, laundry or housework. Bleck! But ask anyone at work and they will tell you I am ahead of the game.
So this morning I decided I should probably get up early and decide what to make. Jay (thankfully) had set out the chicken so I had that to work with. Early is relative of course. Sunday School doesn't start until 10 a.m. and I live literally 2 minutes away. So here is possibly the easiest dinner a person could make -- in other words, if I can make it then it's beginner level. Ignore the Longaberger dishes if you don't have - I just use because they can be put in oven, microwave, freezer etc.
Before heading to church I thought we should invite Brad's parents also, but they had other plans. But at about 12:20 this afternoon, Jay calls and says I have a couple others - can they come? LOL guys!
Chicken Enchiladas (about 20 minutes)
-chicken (cubed)
-Campbell's Nacho Cheese soup
-- Heat chicken until brown all the way through, cut it up (if not already cubed) add Campbells soup and your favorite salsa, allow to boil, spoon onto tortillas, fold and with seam side down, place in Longaberger dish. Spoon more salsa and shredded cheese over the top, put in Microwave until cheese is melted. Serve hot.
Italian Spaghetti (about 20 minutes)
-Italian salad dressing
--Boil spaghetti, drain water, put in Italian dressing to your liking, add onion, serve cold or room temp. (add whatever other vegetables - I didn't have tomato or I would have added it) Usually provide shredded cheese as a topping for this.
Corn Casserole (about 30 minutes)
-cream style corn
-Jiffy corn muffin mix
-sour cream
--Mix all together, throw in Longaberger dish, cook at 350 until golden brown (approx 25 mins)
MIxed vegetables (about 5 minutes)
-pour bag into bowl, add butter and sugar (yeah real healthy :o) and heat
-Follow instructions on bag :o)
So as you can see, if you are really talented you can do this all at the same time and be done in about 40 minutes :o) Or if you're like me, you cheat and do the corn casserole before church and the rest after church.
Happy Sunday to you!
(I forgot to mention - our favorite salsas are Newman's Peach salsa (Walmart) and Orange Cranberry Salsa from a store in Gatlinburg, TN. I combined both in the enchaladas. yummy!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Today was my cousin's baby shower. Katelynn Nicole is the name she has picked out for her little on who is supposed to arrive next month.

Dani holding little Madelynn

This is my attempt at trying to get my string to be exactly the width of her belly - I was off by about 10 inches---at least she didn't shoot me for thinking she was bigger than she really was!

She got a little emotional when she saw that I had made her a baby quilt. You may have noticed that I haven't been quilting lately - well actually, I have been! I just didn't post any pictures on here because I know she reads my blog and I was afraid she would suspicious when she saw the colors of this quilt - the exact colors she has picked out for her baby's room. Her husband provided me with the colors they had picked out. Thanks Jon!

Still a little tearful---I was a little tearful too. It was pretty tough working on a baby quilt especially when our babies were due 2 days apart, but I knew she would understand the significance and she can appreciate all the work that goes into a hand-quilted quilt. I think she liked it :o)

I named it Wishful Thinking - for two reasons, hers and mine.

Thanks to Jen and Leah for hosting the shower. They did a wonderful job! I even found a 'lurker' at the shower - Jill!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I didn't give it to him - but apparently he likes caramel. Don't worry - I made Jay take it away before he had it for too long.

Heart in my toes

It was about 2 minutes until 7 p.m. tonight and I was getting the lights queued up and ready to begin the program when all of a sudden, all the sound stopped. The prelude music that was playing just stopped. I immediately checked the sound board and power was still fine and the LED lights told me the board and the player were still functioning, so I knew it had something to do with the speakers.

I was in the sound room by myself and I really don't know enough about it. Jay was no where - I tried to change to another track thinking that there was something wrong with the CD. It was nerve racking since all the congregation got really quiet when the prelude music stopped as of course the people thought it was time to start. AGG! Finally I gave up and had to go find Jay and I explained what happened. He thought perhaps someone had hit the cord. He ran into the sanctuary and got on the floor near the front but the cord was fine. He ran back behind the platform and checked the circuit breakers. He flipped one and the sound came back on. Shoo!!!

I personally felt like it was the devil trying to sabotage us. It didn't work! It was back up and running with Jay's help and the drama went off without a hitch. All told I believe we were close to 100 people which is the most since we came to the church in August.

He is Risen!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


..perhaps an example of my schedule would help explain why I haven't been blogging lately. Take today for instance:
6:10 a.m. alarm
6:10:01 a.m. smack the phone
6:15 a.m. alarm
6:15:01 s mack the phone again (this continues until the last possible moment)
6:20 a.m. arise, stumble around in the dark finding clothes to pull on finally turn on the light
6:25 a.m. at least the bathroom light works, sometimes, makeup and teeth brushing ensues
6:30 a.m. let the dog out and begin devotions
7:00 a.m. out the door to work
7:52 a.m. clock in at work and realized almost simultaneously the phones aren't working
8:01 a.m. boss calls and asks about the phones
8:01 a.m. to 3:56 p.m. work, work, deal with my-son-wouldn't-lie-to-me mothers and try to explain they might be in jail for a reason
3:56 p.m. decide it's time to move on to something a little more interesting
3:59 p.m. climb in my bumper rusted Escort
4:23 p.m. arrive at Curves for workout
4:59 p.m. huffing and puffing climb back in faithful Escort
5:27 p.m. arrive home to a very excited dog and some very TALL grass and NO running water
5:35 p.m. sit down to lasagna and texas toast made by my honey - ask him about the lawnmower
5:57 p.m. borrowed lawnmower arrives - hubby leaves - mowing begins - I decide to take my wedding band off since it hurts against the push mower's safety bar
6:25 p.m. realize a house on a hill does present a small problem while mowing
6:38 p.m. finish mowing - yell at bullwinkle for trying to attack the lawnmower
6:40 p.m. realize the leaves in the garage are still there from last fall - sweep out 2 car garage
6:57 p.m. uh oh - supposed to be at church - grab keys and cell phone jump in Escort
7:00 p.m. arrive on time (we live .7 miles from church) and find none of the cast ready to practice anyway
7:15 p.m. rehearsal begins - i am running the lights and sound
7:45 p.m. i stop rehearsal - tell the kids I can hear them whispering and giggling even over the 2 actors out doing their parts
8:15 p.m. rehearsal is over - head back home
8:22 p.m. put the dog outside where he can bark and play to his heart's content - water IS running
8:25 p.m. log in to Southwest Financial website and begin working for my 2nd job
11:20 p.m. finish up working for Southwest
11:40 p.m. finish typing this blog
11:45 p.m. shower
11:55 p.m. bed time

Someone once told me - "you will never be more busy than you are right now!" (that was in college when I was going to school full time and working full -time to put myself through - uhhhh wish they could see me NOW!)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Drama - Redemption's Promise

Here are a couple pics of our rehearsal this evening.

The set (with the lights in the way of course)

The guys fooling around

Just hangin' out in the market place

The "second floor" holding room - Jay and his brother built it up about 4 feet

The drama, Redemption's Promise, will be performed on Good Friday night and Easter Sunday night. All are welcome!

Saturday, April 04, 2009



He had some major hair on either side of his face - makes it look like a mane!


Still pretty cute if you ask me