Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday dinner - beginner level

Last night, Jay 'asked' if we could have someone over for Sunday dinner- love how they give you so much warning! Brad, one of the main actors in our Easter drama, would be our guest. I approved although I didn't have any Sunday dinner plans. I am not a procrastinator UNLESS it involves meals, laundry or housework. Bleck! But ask anyone at work and they will tell you I am ahead of the game.
So this morning I decided I should probably get up early and decide what to make. Jay (thankfully) had set out the chicken so I had that to work with. Early is relative of course. Sunday School doesn't start until 10 a.m. and I live literally 2 minutes away. So here is possibly the easiest dinner a person could make -- in other words, if I can make it then it's beginner level. Ignore the Longaberger dishes if you don't have - I just use because they can be put in oven, microwave, freezer etc.
Before heading to church I thought we should invite Brad's parents also, but they had other plans. But at about 12:20 this afternoon, Jay calls and says I have a couple others - can they come? LOL guys!
Chicken Enchiladas (about 20 minutes)
-chicken (cubed)
-Campbell's Nacho Cheese soup
-- Heat chicken until brown all the way through, cut it up (if not already cubed) add Campbells soup and your favorite salsa, allow to boil, spoon onto tortillas, fold and with seam side down, place in Longaberger dish. Spoon more salsa and shredded cheese over the top, put in Microwave until cheese is melted. Serve hot.
Italian Spaghetti (about 20 minutes)
-Italian salad dressing
--Boil spaghetti, drain water, put in Italian dressing to your liking, add onion, serve cold or room temp. (add whatever other vegetables - I didn't have tomato or I would have added it) Usually provide shredded cheese as a topping for this.
Corn Casserole (about 30 minutes)
-cream style corn
-Jiffy corn muffin mix
-sour cream
--Mix all together, throw in Longaberger dish, cook at 350 until golden brown (approx 25 mins)
MIxed vegetables (about 5 minutes)
-pour bag into bowl, add butter and sugar (yeah real healthy :o) and heat
-Follow instructions on bag :o)
So as you can see, if you are really talented you can do this all at the same time and be done in about 40 minutes :o) Or if you're like me, you cheat and do the corn casserole before church and the rest after church.
Happy Sunday to you!
(I forgot to mention - our favorite salsas are Newman's Peach salsa (Walmart) and Orange Cranberry Salsa from a store in Gatlinburg, TN. I combined both in the enchaladas. yummy!)


Leah said...

Your dinner sounds yummy. We all have to start somewhere, but I'm not thinking this sounds like a beginner meal at all =) Thanks for sharing your recipes.

Anonymous said...

IT WAS YUMMY! They really enjoyed the food! Love you, Butternut! Jason

Natalie said...

I just ate supper and you are making me hungry again!!! YUMMY!!!