Monday, February 25, 2008

When you don't mind cleaning the mirrors.....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Today is Dani's birthday. I sent her a text early in the morning telling her Happy Birthday. Around 4 p.m. I had a yellow rose sent to her and then we got a group together and we took her out to Carabbas, the restaurant she chose. Below, Dani and Mary, Dani's roomie and best friend.

Me and Jay waiting to eat.

Kyle and Amy


Dani opens her gift.

Remember, a few weeks back I found the western material on sale at Joanns? I used it to make this wall hanging since Dani's room is in western. I told her that if she didn't like it I didn't know what to do with it since she is the only Danette I know. If you look closely you can see some cowboy boots and cow heads that I quilted under her name.

After eating, I went shopping at Dilliards with Mary and Dani. They had their 100% wool coats on sale. This one was $170 originally, but on sale for $70. AAAHHHH I was so excited. I haven't had a new coat in forever. If you are in need of a coat, you might want to check out their sales.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A "Presidential" Date

Believe it or not, the jail administrative office was closed today so I thankfully had the day off. Jay had a meeting this morning but then came home to finish his work day since the school where he works as a YMCA tutor is locked up. However, the Y doesn't have the day off, so he still has to work some.
We went to our tax lady and she did our taxes for us and then we headed to Don Pablos. I have a Bienvenidos card and because we have been there so many times, they gave us $10 off our bill so our actual food bill was only $6.34! Then we headed to the Krohn Conservatory. I wanted some pics and it was something fun to do that didn't cost anything.
A cool Bonsai tree display.
Me sitting in front of the daffodils.

This bench was pretty kewl. I thought it was funny that the little tag on the right side of it says the bench is sponsored by Schwerzinger Pest Control. LOL

They had this neat timeline of Chocolate. In 1893, Milton Hershey had a carmel business that was making $1 million a year. Can you imagine making a million in 1893????? That is incredible. Anyway, he discovered chocolate right around 1893 and sold his carmel business and switched to chocolate. I believe Hershey kisses began in the early 1900's and as of today 25 MILLION kisses are made every DAY!!!! Who eats that much chocolate???

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Point of Grace/Selah Concert

We sat on the very highest row of the balcony so the pictures aren't that great. Friends, Steve and Mandy joined us.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last weekend we hurried out west to attend Jay's grandmother's funeral. One thing that really bugged me (you can ask Jay!) was the apparent lack of respect for a funeral procession. Car after car after car passed us. I started noticing that people weren't even slowing down at all. We had to get on the interstate to reach the cemetery. There were approximately 15-16 cars in the procession so it really wasn't that long. The funeral director took the middle lane of the interstate and we all followed suit. However, there were cars darting in and out of our line, people flying past us on both sides. It was amazing! I did notice ONE semi truck pull over and let the procession pass (on a regular two lane road), but other than that, I didn't notice a single vehicle slow down or pull over. Truly a sad day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Most of you folks probably know that several months ago, Jay and I decided it would be a good idea to wear wedding bands. There were several reasons and prayers behind our decision. Our first pair I found on Ebay for less than a nickel. I realized that these would not last that long but I was totally inexperienced with purchasing rings. Ring sizes were a whole new idea since I had never worn a ring before.

I tried again and found a steel ring for Jay for $1.00 that actually fit his finger. Recently, I told Jay that I would like a ring that would last forever. When I arrived home on Valentine's Day after a 14 hour work day, I saw the below paper right inside our apartment door. There were several more "hints" that I followed around the apartment until I found my Valentine's gift.

My Valentine's Day gift - a ring. Incidentally, jewelers call this ring a "forever" ring or an "eternity" ring. It symbolizes our love and marriage bond that will last forever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Engagement Anniversary

After working a 13 1/2 hour work day, driving around in the parking lot in the snow trying to find a spot, once I reached my door, this is what I found. Yes, it was 2 years ago today that Jay "popped the question."

Huge card. He was sure to tell me that this wasn't my Valetine's gift. He is such a sweetie.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not for the weak of mind...

It always seems like we make these rushed weekend trips here, there and yonder. This particular weekend we hurried to Missouri for Jay's grandmother's funeral. Below are her 4 children. Tom just wouldn't cooperate for this photo op and decided he would stick his tongue out at me. Can't you tell how much they love having their picture taken?

For the first time, I met Steven and Christina, two of Jay's cousins. Steven is a music teacher and Christina works for the Joint Economic Committee for the US Senate in D.C. It made for some interesting political discussions around our table. Another of Jay's cousins works for the candidate running for the Missouri governor's position.
Then we drove back to Mom and Dad's place Friday night. The next morning after a quick visit to Bob Evans and then to see my grandparents, I rushed over to see Nancy, a hair stylist at D and Company. Nancy has been doing my hair for about 10 years now. She probably dreads when I call her up from Kentucky. The last time I had my hair permed, she rolled 144 perm rods into my hair. Poor lady! Jay loves the curls so I go through the 3 1/2 hour procedure just for him...well, not really but it sounded good.

This is how Nancy keeps her lunch warm while doing my hair. Who would have thunk? She just slapped the bag in the hair dryer and switched it on. Hilarious!
After my perm, we stopped by Maid Rite since Jay has just discovered these in the last several weeks. They were yummy. We ran home, changed clothes and headed to Valley's Edge in New Paris. ( There we met Chad and Rachel for a fun time of snow tubing. The going was pretty rough at first since the sun was still out and the lanes weren't that fast. It was fun despite getting stuck in a mud hole at the end of one of the lanes.
Afterwards, Chad, Rachel, Jay and I headed to Fazoli's for some yummy Italian food and BREADSTICKS!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Completed: Pick a Pink Posie

90th Birthday Party

Jay's Grandpa Stafford at his 90th birthday party.

Jay's niece, Constance or CJ.

Both Grandpa Stafford and this lady had their birthdays on the same day, 90 years ago.

Me holding Maverick. Such cute eyes.

Nieces Kristen and CJ.

Sadly, today we learned that Jay's Grandma on the other side has passed away. Jay's uncle, Ray is actually in Brazil and the funeral will be held once he arrives back stateside. He was down there on a missions trip. It is possible that Jay's brother, Aaron, will not make it back before the funeral. Thankfully, she lived a full life and has now gone to be with Jesus at the age of 92.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


He is risen. He is risen, indeed!

I am feeling particularly in the mood to worship this morning. Our praise team really does try to get folks into the worship. One of the teens from the teen group plays the drums and we have 3 guitars that really help keep the beat. I especially like this about New Hope. The music that accompanies the lyrics does not drown out our singing. We still sing the great hymns of the church and I wouldn't want to give them up. Arise my soul, Arise; Great is Thy Faithfulness; Amazing Love. Those songs you just can't do without.

Come join us some Sunday!