Monday, February 18, 2008

A "Presidential" Date

Believe it or not, the jail administrative office was closed today so I thankfully had the day off. Jay had a meeting this morning but then came home to finish his work day since the school where he works as a YMCA tutor is locked up. However, the Y doesn't have the day off, so he still has to work some.
We went to our tax lady and she did our taxes for us and then we headed to Don Pablos. I have a Bienvenidos card and because we have been there so many times, they gave us $10 off our bill so our actual food bill was only $6.34! Then we headed to the Krohn Conservatory. I wanted some pics and it was something fun to do that didn't cost anything.
A cool Bonsai tree display.
Me sitting in front of the daffodils.

This bench was pretty kewl. I thought it was funny that the little tag on the right side of it says the bench is sponsored by Schwerzinger Pest Control. LOL

They had this neat timeline of Chocolate. In 1893, Milton Hershey had a carmel business that was making $1 million a year. Can you imagine making a million in 1893????? That is incredible. Anyway, he discovered chocolate right around 1893 and sold his carmel business and switched to chocolate. I believe Hershey kisses began in the early 1900's and as of today 25 MILLION kisses are made every DAY!!!! Who eats that much chocolate???


Amy said...

I think I might get sick if I ate all that much chocolate in one day. :-)

Janella Thompson said...

Your pics are so beautiful. Yummy Chocolate. Did they have samples? lad you were able to have some time off together.

LJL said...

I remember going to Hershey, Pa. when you guys were little. What a sweet-smelling town that is! Does chocolate make your hair that curly?

Regi said...

Thanks, gals!

Yes, Dad, I do remember going to Hershey and it was fun going through the little chocolate process "roller coaster." If I remember correctly, we went through it twice. Yeah, I am pretty sure it is ALL the chocolate that I eat that makes my hair curly. Jay did give Godiva chocolate for Valentine's Day!

Tim and Kristina said...

I remember many photo shoots at the conservatory while we were in college!! Good Times!

Brenda said...

Love the tree picture - how cool is that!