Friday, March 30, 2012

uhhh never mind

So after writing that post last night, I attempted to go to bed. I was still awake after 1 a.m. when Jayden started crying. No attempt to rock, hold, jiggle, or pat him seemed to help so i laid him back in his crib and he cried for quite a long time. No idea why. I was still not in a deep sleep just after 4 a.m. when Jay's alarm went off. Jayden woke back up sometime thereafter and I ignored him. I finally got into some deep sleep and of course, Jayden woke up and was hungry this time.

ANYWAY, i said all that to say while I was lying there trying to sleep I had lots of thoughts running through this pea brain of mine. Jay asked me if i was going to be editing and working on the computer in our bedroom in the evening - of course I said i would since the kids would be asleep and I could concentrate. Enter problem #1 - Jay can't sleep at all if there is any kind of light so the light from a 32" monitor would keep him awake. I never even thought of that. OOps! So at 2 something this morning I decided that a black desk was not what i wanted after all. I mean I still want something black to hold our 32" monitor/tv in our room but it doesn't necessarily have to be a desk type thingie now that I won't be working in there as much as I originally thought.

So on to plan B which formulated in my brain in the wee hours of this morning while I tossed and turned. I generally spend 90% of the day downstairs with the kids. Since we have a 6 foot fence around our back yard, I can open the back patio and let Rylee play out there without much supervision so I work away in the living room which has direct line of sight to the backyard as well as the side of the house. No one can get to the 6 foot gate without me seeing it and it is currently latched and I added a bungee cord since Rylee is learning to open the same kind of gate that encloses the dog run.

So I scoured the internet yet AGAIN. This time in an effort to find something that matches my antique wash stand that sits just inside the door in the entryway beside the living room. You may remember it? It is white wash (yeah it's peeling) with a walnut (?) top. So now to find a desk that matches this since the only other furniture in there are two mismatching couches (another sore subject) and a 6 foot tv armoire that is a similar color to the wood pictured on the top of the stand.
Definitely can't have a black desk in a room with this beautiful piece of history. I finally found one online today. I actually visited Target this morning, Jcpenney, Kmart, Carsons, 2 flea markets and decided I was not going to locate the right desk and went home brought up the website and ordered it. Frankly after all this run around for a silly desk i was tired of looking. The reviews on the desk look good. I measured my area and it should fit fine. Now to find the perfect chair....somebody help me!!! (i will post a picture when I get the desk put together and in place - the website doesn't have a photo that i can use)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

when you know what you want...

...why does it seem you can never find it? Today i searched,, and physically VISITED Big Lots furniture, 2 tjmaxx stores, Target, 3 flea markets, Kittles furniture, Goodwill, 2 different Brad's furniture stores, Value City furniture, Hobby Lobby, The Room Place, Ashley Homestore, Affordable Furniture, Old Time Pottery and a couple others I can't even think of right now. You got that right....over a dozen different places (thanks honey, for carting me all over the place. I couldn't have done it without you) . Looking for what you might ask? A desk.

Wowzers! who knew it would be so hard to find a desk. And this is not like a certain desk that is so unique that no one has it. It's just a desk that is wooden, not contemporary looking (but not antique) has NO drawers on the sides, only drawers hanging underneath the desk and with or without a hutch. Of course I found a couple that were $700 but really? a wooden desk for $700 - they have to be making like $550 on that desk. Like I am just going to hand them that kind of money.

See this desk? I found it at Affordable Furniture under the name Simply Ashley - beautiful desk made from wood, drawers hanging from under the desk for about $300. A little more than I wanted to spend but definitely the look and idea I am going for. I don't want it to look like a home office so to speak because I will put a lamp and decorations on it similar to what's pictured. I was very happy to find a store that was able to get this. I want something that will hold up a 32" monitor (it's actually a tv but it will be hooked up to a computer) (yah, it's huge) and be sturdy enough for lots of use. Another huge plus - this desk has it's own power outlets inside so i won't have cords hanging down behind it. Just one cord from the desk to the power outlet (love that!)

Then I come home get back on and begin searching again and lo and behold...what should pop up but the exact same picture as above under a different name and walmart wants $408 for theirs. Good grief!

Anybody want to make other suggestions? I have found several parson's desks online but they are plainer that what I want and usually with very little storage space. I don't need a lot but at least something more than a little pull out drawer for 2 pencils. Craigslist and the garage sale site on facebook (after Easter! I gave up facebook for Lent) are definite possibilities also. I would like to get this sooner versus later. I will be using it for my photography lessons, work and internet surfing. Right now I work out of my lazy boy recliner on my laptop. I think i would feel better having an actual work space. Y'all are welcome to chime in.