Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two new buddies

The first time they met was not so good - now Dudley shares "his" chair in the living room with Bullwinkle!

This morning in 9 degree weather Dad went out to feed the horse and the two dogs lead the way to the barn.

Somewhere in between time, they both got a little too cold and they stopped in the snow and just sat there. Mom said their feet get too cold in the ice and snow and they stop walking. So Dad spoils them by picking them up and bringing them back inside.

I got to sleep in my old bedroom. I remember picking out this border and wallpaper with Mom. Jay didn't come with me this weekend. He took some time alone and worked out his schedule for the coming year. The sign below is Ally's and the bed was actually made by my Dad, one of his talents he doesn't use much. I always thought I had a pretty cool bed!

Notice in the next pics the disintigration of this $6 toy - it lasted about 2 hours. The $.97 toy I bought from Walmart lasted less than 5 minutes.

Bullwinkle in his new yellow coat that my Mom gave him - their dog got too fat for it, although my Dad would probably argue that he just "filled out."

I don't think Bullwinkle ever figured out why Dudley was making such a racket - there was a cat up in the rafters. Bullwinkle just barked because Dudley and Jessica were barking.

Ice bush

Tree near our house

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God's Protection

After a rocky start this morning, I finally made it to work. Jay took me. We ended up spinning into the wrong lane and nearly landing in a ditch but Jay drove it like a Nascar driver in a crash and we came out of it no worse for wear.

But what I am really thankful for is God's protection on my little sister, Ally. She attends college at Hobe Sound Bible College in Florida. She was in a college van pulling a small trailer when it rolled twice, throwing her out the side window. She has no broken bones and the paramedics didn't even take her to the hospital because they didn't find anything wrong with her. She landed in the sand alongside the highway. Thank God for his protection. She was the only one thrown from the van. Her boyfriend, Luke, and other members of the music group of which Luke is a part, were also all in one piece with no injuries. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Real Snow in Falmouth

Bullwinkle discovers snow - he only wanted to walk where Jay had shoveled already. He was racing Jay back up the driveway when he got stuck in a drift - it was too cute!

Jay trying to do a donut in the driveway.

All smiles - I think he likes snow when he gets to play in it :o) (yes, the "winter" decorations are still up - who says they have to be Christmas?)

Shoveling a path for the mail man - we will see if he braves the weather. Pendleton County apparently doesn't believe in snow plows. They didn't salt or anything yesterday even though everyone knew we were going to get some weather. So far I've seen one come past our house and it just went down the center of Main Street, he didn't even do both lanes!

This is the laziest dog - he whines when we put him in his cage at night to sleep, but he doesn't do anything all day long. He plays and sleeps.

His eyes are so cute!

After some thought, I didn't think it wise to make the trek to work today. With more ice supposedly on the way, I did NOT want to get stuck like I did before Christmas where I never made it home at all and ended up staying at my boss's house for the night. We have about 6 inches of snow and it has been icing this morning already so alas I stayed home.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


He has torn of up all the toys and eaten all the bones so I found an old rag and he thought it was just fabulous!

His eyes always show up green/blue but they are dark brown.

This is why they call them 'wire haired' terriers! His hair stands on end! So cute!
So why do we spend money on dog toys again???

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday BBQ ribs

Today we had our friends over for lunch. Menu: Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ ribs (I got the recipe from my Dad!), corn casserole (with sugar this time..don't ask!), potato salad, peas n' carrots, rolls and of course, peanut butter pie! I asked them to pose in my quilt corner, I just didn't know there would be an "s" sticking out the side of Tim's head. Breanna is a regular wiggle worm nowadays.
Thanks for coming down guys. I know it was a haul from your place to ours. We enjoyed having you over for laughs and conversation. Special thanks to my 'true friend' Kris. Someday hopefully I can repay her.
Sorry for the rest of you, but the left overs aren't going to last very long around here :o)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

300th Post - A Family Sunday

Me and my honey - This morning he preached on faith and I thought he did a good job getting his point across.

Mom and Dad (his usual goofy self)

Dani lookin' cute!!!

Brent and his gal, Holley

We all crowded around our small table, half of us with burgundy plates and half with Christmas tree plates :o) We ran out of room on the table so we rolled the dishwasher over and put two pies, a crockpot of roast and the corn casserole on it.

Bullwinkle and Dudley did NOT!!! get along. I had no clue that Bullwinkle would be so aggressive with another dog. They got in a couple spats and they definitely enjoyed fighting over the same toys.

Momma in the morning with her doggies. I think Bullwinkle was quite taken with her.

Dad has a new friend.

Thanks to my family for visiting us this Sunday. We definitely missed Ally's loud mouth today:o)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quilt corner

Jay bought me this "word art" for Christmas. The letters are black iron and it looks kinda "oldish." The small wall hanging is a hand-quilted pillow cover that I bought in Hawaii. I would like to buy something else to go with it or use the little candle holders I have (somewhere packed in a box.)

Just hangin' out with me.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winkle and the Guest Room

Bullwinkle - such a cute dog. I think he is getting used to a new house and new surroundings. He is still pretty scared of Jay. I think it is his deeper voice. He is allowed in the kitchen, laundry room, family and living rooms and that is it. He doesn't have full reign of the upstairs or the guest bedroom. Not everyone likes dogs in their houses or rooms so I want our guests to know when they come that he hasn't really been in their rooms unless he walked in with me or something. I have wanted a little dog for a while but I didn't want one while we lived in the apartment. Now that we have a house and Jay is at home in/out throughout the day, he can let Bullwinkle in and out of his cage or outside. Bullwinkle was already cage and house trained when we got him which is what I wanted since we don't have a lot of time. He mostly plays with his toys or chews on his bone. Every once in a while he wants you to play with him and he will whine and give you his puppy look and you can hardly resist.

Here are some pictures of the guest bedroom. It is pretty bare, but I like the colors.

The white quilt rack was from my mother-in-law. I think it looks good in this room.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Meet Bullwinkle

Zonked out

I think he is cute!

Jay petting his new buddy.

Cutest little eyes

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Good exercise

Dad rented a gym in Greenville, a tiny gym, but we had fun anyway.

Dad directing traffic

The cheering section - Wilma, Dani, Brook and me

I think they were interested in their conversations and laughing at us girls while we tried our hand at basketball - we didn't get much cheering out of them.

The 'bleachers' - the emergency stairwell - there is no other place to sit in this little gym :o)

Trying to play basketball

Me and Dani running 'in sync' - Don't we look cute?

Jamie in a rare beautiful moment

Ally and her man, Luke