Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday BBQ ribs

Today we had our friends over for lunch. Menu: Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ ribs (I got the recipe from my Dad!), corn casserole (with sugar this time..don't ask!), potato salad, peas n' carrots, rolls and of course, peanut butter pie! I asked them to pose in my quilt corner, I just didn't know there would be an "s" sticking out the side of Tim's head. Breanna is a regular wiggle worm nowadays.
Thanks for coming down guys. I know it was a haul from your place to ours. We enjoyed having you over for laughs and conversation. Special thanks to my 'true friend' Kris. Someday hopefully I can repay her.
Sorry for the rest of you, but the left overs aren't going to last very long around here :o)


LJL said...

I know you said, "don't ask", but "with sugar"?

Regi said...

well, compared to the ones i fed you guys last weekend, they are much sweeter :o)

Tim and Kristina said...

Thanks for having us today! We had a great time.
You have absolutly nothing to repay me for...I know you are there for me too! Have a great Sunday!