Saturday, January 24, 2009


He has torn of up all the toys and eaten all the bones so I found an old rag and he thought it was just fabulous!

His eyes always show up green/blue but they are dark brown.

This is why they call them 'wire haired' terriers! His hair stands on end! So cute!
So why do we spend money on dog toys again???


Anonymous said...

That is so cute Regi. Theresa A.

Anonymous said...

plastic bottles are one of suki's favorite toys too :)

LJL said...

That's Dudley's favorite cousin.

~~anna~~ said...

He's like a small child at Christmas. After they open all the gifts, they are more fascinated with the paper and bows.
He's saving you money on expensive puppy toys!
He's adorable too!

Janella Thompson said...

he is so cute!!! I can't wait to meet him!

Aunt Connie said...

He is adorable!!