Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Real Snow in Falmouth

Bullwinkle discovers snow - he only wanted to walk where Jay had shoveled already. He was racing Jay back up the driveway when he got stuck in a drift - it was too cute!

Jay trying to do a donut in the driveway.

All smiles - I think he likes snow when he gets to play in it :o) (yes, the "winter" decorations are still up - who says they have to be Christmas?)

Shoveling a path for the mail man - we will see if he braves the weather. Pendleton County apparently doesn't believe in snow plows. They didn't salt or anything yesterday even though everyone knew we were going to get some weather. So far I've seen one come past our house and it just went down the center of Main Street, he didn't even do both lanes!

This is the laziest dog - he whines when we put him in his cage at night to sleep, but he doesn't do anything all day long. He plays and sleeps.

His eyes are so cute!

After some thought, I didn't think it wise to make the trek to work today. With more ice supposedly on the way, I did NOT want to get stuck like I did before Christmas where I never made it home at all and ended up staying at my boss's house for the night. We have about 6 inches of snow and it has been icing this morning already so alas I stayed home.


Tim and Kristina said...

Enjoy your day off! Stay warm...

LJL said...

You just wanted to stay home with your pup...OK, maybe with Jason, too.

Steve and Mandy said...

Hi Regi!
Steve told me about your new puppy. He is adorable!! We need to do something again sometime. I went to Trader's World last Saturday and saw a booth that sold quilts... it made me think of you! Maybe Steve and I will show up at your church some Sunday morning to hear Pastor Jay preach the Word!

~~anna~~ said...


I have the same *winter* lights on our balcony down here in the DR. Bob put them up for Christmas. Our balcony if formed by three walls of our apartment, but it's only about 4'x 12". Because it's an alcove the winter lights make it bright enough to sit out there at night and read or play Chinese checkers. They're staying up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Regi and Jason, I really like your cute dog. He must be a good dog not to be on a leash. He seem's to really love you guy's and just love's where he live's. I know he is spoil ;-) Theresa A