Saturday, May 30, 2009


Bullwinkle enjoying a bone almost as big as he is.

Flowers from my honey. He is such a sweetie to think of me on my due date.

A great remedy - Chonda Pierce. Kris was so kind to invite me to go with her. It worked out so well. We were supposed to have something go on with the church, but it was cancelled! Kris and I laughed a ton! "Ain't that precious?"

I look a little more wired than I actually am!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Hole in My Heart (by: Regina Baker)

A mother I had dreamed to be
God allowed tragedy for me

I hoped that this day would bring joy
Perhaps a small girl or a boy

My loss was certainly Heaven's gain
But that does not lessen the great pain

What cruel twist has been sent my way
Is there some reason that I must pay?

For God knows best we always say
No sum of money I can pay

Impossible to return that gift to me
I do know that God is and will always be

I journey forward and with hope
For without this I could not cope

I understand more clearly now
And I with deep reverence bow

For God willingly gave His Son for me
That I might forever with Him be

No malice within me you will find
How can I remove this from my mind?

That glorious day when Him I see
Will my little one run to me?

Baby Baker: Due May 27, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Smoky Mountain Getaway

Walkin' all the dogs. I really enjoyed walking them in the woods in the Smoky Mountains.

Jay waitin' for his "Po' Boy Shrimp" sandwich at Bubba Gump's Shrimp restaurant, downtown Gatlinburg. Good food!

Dad playing with his buddies

Dani got them to pose just right...L to R: Bullwinkle (my dog), Dudley (Ally and Dad's dog) and Bilko (Dani's dog)

Ally's Massive Loaded Potato from Tony Gore's BBQ restaurant

Aunt Kim playing "How Great Thou Art" at Gaither's Family Fest in Gatlinburg's convention center. It was pretty neat.

Sitting down during intermission at the booth with Aunt Kim and my Mom.

Collingsworths singing Tradin' A Cross for A Crown. It's kinda hard to tell, but Brooklyn has her back to me, but her face is up on the screen.

Signature Sound and Gaither Vocal Band singing - LOUD!

Helping Dani (Collingsworth's office manager) with the booth

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Fun

One of the junior classes singing Apple Red's been a long time since I have heard that song!

Then we learned a little math, multiplication to be exact (you never get bored at Falmouth Wesleyan!) Jay explained that when we arrived in August of 2008, there was one teenager in the entire church. He brought her up front and gave her two pieces of candy. With one of those pieces, she was to pick someone to 'bring to church' and then they joined her up front. Then Jay gave them both another piece of candy and they were to pick someone in the congregation to 'bring to church.' Eventually we had 32 people standing up front. From that one teenager in August 2008 to May 2009 we have increased to about 20 regular teen and kid attenders on Sunday morning. This morning we had 46 in Sunday school which is awesome for our little church. God is good!

Here Jay explains that he wishes he could give all 32 people another piece of candy and get 64 people standing up front. Unfortunately we aren't there yet but we are headed that direction. Then he poured the rest of the candy on the floor and there was a mass scramble by the kids to get it :o)

After church, these two ladies, Jamie and Bethany, assisted me in the kitchen, where we coooked, baked and prepared the Sunday meal for 6 people. (Dani, recognize the top?)

Of course, after the meal, Jay along with the teens left for a service at the nursing home and this was the aftermath :o) Reminds me of meals at mom and dads when we were kids, except we had to clean it up. This time it was just me, but I didn't mind. See Dad, I can cook...kinda....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brent's Graduation Party

Brent and Holley!

So proud of our brother! (We are standing in Dani's entry way. She did a great job decorating her house!)

A surprise to all of us, including Brent! He received an award during the ceremony.

Proud parents (and granddog)

Dani hosted the party at her house

Our cousin Brandon also graduated today from the same college so their parties were combined. Here they are with their gals. Brandon graduated with a music degree and is going to pursue graduate studies and Brent graduated with a four year Bachelor's degree in Christian Teacher Education.

Me and Jay

Some friends from highschool (Faith Christian) drove down to join the fun - Sara and Teddy

Saturday, May 16



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This morning we were excited to have the highest Sunday attendance since we came in August. God has really blessed our church. We have a new Christian family in our church and they have been a real blessing to us. They have stepped right in and really started getting involved.

We picked up 23 kids on our bus this morning!

Jay talking about Proverbs 31.

Jamie and I handed out the small pink flowers.

Jay and I headed out to pick up the kids at about 8:50 this morning.

Some of the gals we pick up.

Earliena stole my camera again and had some fun taking pics of herself.

I just wanted to thank two gals in particular, Kris W. and Tara M. Kris and Tim met us last night and we had dinner together. Kris handed me a green envelope last night and I totally forgot about it until this morning when I was headed out the door to church. I opened it up and it was a sparkly green card that said Happy Mother's Day. She had written a small note inside that brought tears to my eyes. Thanks also to Tara who sent me an e-card. How sweet of them to think of me.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Courtney's Big Day

Today was Courtney's graduation party. I can remember her being just a little gal and she has grown into a beautiful lady. She is definitely one of my more outgoing crazy cousins! Olivia, Courtney and me~

Dani had quite an experience at the softball field...and she wasn't even playing :) She was slammed with a softball right between the eyes. Her right eye seemed to be the worst, but I think maybe wearing her sunglasses helped to spread the blow instead of it affecting one area.

My cousin Courtney and her man, Michael. Congrats to Courtney on her graduation!

My cousin, Olivia with her little puppy!

Dani's puppy, Bilko and Olivia's puppy, Spanky, playing away!

Me and my sis, Dani. She doesn't have a black eye....yet.

My goofball brother, Brent, after riding the 4-wheeler through the mud!

We met Tim, Kris and Lil Breanna at Buckheads tonight. It was great catching up with friends again.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


No, this is not a wheat field that was just cut down. It's my back yard!! I can't believe how much it grew in a week and a half!