Saturday, May 09, 2009

Courtney's Big Day

Today was Courtney's graduation party. I can remember her being just a little gal and she has grown into a beautiful lady. She is definitely one of my more outgoing crazy cousins! Olivia, Courtney and me~

Dani had quite an experience at the softball field...and she wasn't even playing :) She was slammed with a softball right between the eyes. Her right eye seemed to be the worst, but I think maybe wearing her sunglasses helped to spread the blow instead of it affecting one area.

My cousin Courtney and her man, Michael. Congrats to Courtney on her graduation!

My cousin, Olivia with her little puppy!

Dani's puppy, Bilko and Olivia's puppy, Spanky, playing away!

Me and my sis, Dani. She doesn't have a black eye....yet.

My goofball brother, Brent, after riding the 4-wheeler through the mud!

We met Tim, Kris and Lil Breanna at Buckheads tonight. It was great catching up with friends again.