Saturday, March 19, 2011

Journey West

So, Jean, you think maybe she likes the pool? :)

Little goober - didn't cry once. I think she loved every minute of it.

The beach chair she was sure was just for her and since it was only 6 inches off the ground..maybe it was!

My second visit to the Oklahoma Memorial.

Notice the small chair - some children died too.

Rylee's first (and my) visit to Lambert's "home of throwed rolls." You just throw up your hand and they throw you a roll.

At the memorial

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vera who?

Now, I've heard that gals will pay some ridiculous prices for a Vera Bradley handbag or tote or whatever. I can't figure out what all the hype is about? I have seen blogs where folks line up for hours waiting to get into an outlet for a Vera Bradley sale. Admittedly I don't own any - too expensive if you ask me.

I got tired of sewing a bunch of tiny scraps to a piece of paper this week (double wedding ring quilt) so I went to Joann's and used my 50% off coupon and bought a pattern for $4 and a white zipper for $2 and 4 buttons for $5.50. This was the outcome.

Rylee is modeling this purse for me - look for her on the home shopping network in about 20 years :)

I decided it needed some more buttons so I went back to Joann's today with another coupon and bought four more buttons for $3.50. I added some of my own touches to their pattern with the extra buttons and turned the flaps up on the corners of this pocket. Not bad for my first one eh? (and yes, i used a machine to quilt the actual green material - that isn't handquilted...gasp!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jay is 2 for 2

He wanted a girl first and a boy the second time around.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

11 months

Friday, March 04, 2011

pics of our new-to-us place

20 weeks

Living room/dining room

Otherside of living room

quilt section of the living room - door to Rylee's room

Rylee's room

Rylee's room again from doorway

sick house


After - yeah - exactly what i thought. Silly girl!

So this house has been the sick house this week. Jay and Rylee came down with something at the same time. Fever, cough and runny nose for Rylee - I took her to the doctor and paid $45 for them to tell me there was nothing wrong with her that they could fix. It was a virus. I think she is coming out of it now. I have been working some on her room. Putting her pictures up and the decal of her name. I spent more time just trying to get it on the wall half way straight than anything else.

The windows in this house are kinda odd. I like them but there is no place to put curtains up. It has pretty white trim around the outside and white blinds in the windows, but to put curtains up you would have to mess up the white trim or put your curtain rod above the window about 6 inches so as not to mess up the pretty trim with a nail. I guess it seems less cozy to me or something. I might have to just put the curtain rod up above the window cause it seems bare in the rooms without them.

Now off to tackle another room - or at least manhandle (ahem..i mean scoot) some boxes around. Don't worry Cathy - nothing heavier than Rylee..promise!