Sunday, August 31, 2008

Installation of Pastor Jason

Today, Superintendent Glenn Black performed the installation ceremony of Jason as the pastor. Many GBSers will recognize him from GBS a few years past. He was the Revivalist editor for several years also.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Jay had this crazy grin on his face when I got home tonight. He kept messing around on the counter and when it was dessert time, he whipped out his very first homemade cheesecake with raspberries on top. It is very yummy. Of course, I dug right in and then he explained why he made it. Being the oblivious person that I am, I don't keep track of dates very well. He advised me that it was exactly 3 years ago today that we began dating. How sweet of him to remember! How stupid of me to forget :o)

Thanks to my mom who came down and painted with me last weekend. She also accompanied me to Garden Ridge and found the candle holders and the picture above the couch. The lighting doesn't show the true colors at all but at least you can see some of it. The candle holders are actually a dark red color that matches the pillows on the couch.
Mom suggested I cut down the size of the quilt that I am working on for the living room. So I took off a couple rows and used it as the runner on the wooden trunk.
The kitchen (and watermelon)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Next project...

Jay announced the other day that he would like our room to be in tan and black. Today I shopped for those colors and one additional one. All these materials when looked at at an angle, have some gold or sparkle to them. Should be an interesting quilt.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finished: Sunlight on the Lily Pond

Yay! I absolutely love how this quilt turned out. So bright and cheery. I spent a lot of time with quilting patterns on the borders and even on each individual block. As you can see below, depending on what material the block was made of determined the pattern for it.

Blue squares have square quilting in them.

Light green blocks have the basket weave type quilting.

Paisley material - I just followed some of the squirly lines and quilted those.

This is the very center of the quilt. It's about 18"x18" and I quilted a puffy cloud type of pattern.

Pics of the borders.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Tonight I made my first trip to Garden Ridge in Eastgate. Such an awesome store. I found these pillows for 1/2 the price of one pillow at Hobby Lobby. They weren't the exact same pillows but I couldn't believe the price difference.

Jay accompanied me on this trip (which is very abnormal.) I found this adorable handbag and he bought the matching billfold for me. I haven't had a new purse in a long, long time so it was quite a treat for me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunlight on the Lily Pond

It is completely quilted. I turned it over so you could see the border detail. When I get the binding on it and washed I will post a final photo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trying my hand....

Unlike my sister and my mom, I am not a decorator. So today after a rather hectic work day, I headed to Hobby Lobby to try my hand at picking out some decorations. Of course, since my walls are Rice Paddy green I took my paint chip along with me to compare. After an hour and 40 minutes of searching I decided that finding Rice Paddy green, Cranberry and soft white all in the same decoration was nearly impossible. I found one thing that had all those colors in it and the only reason I found it was because I found something really cute in the wrong color and found it hiding behind it.
My quilt isn't put together yet but the top is finished. I spread the quilt top on the couch and put my finds on top of my wooden chest. So Alanna, here is your picture :o)

I did find a small reddish gold picture frame that went well so that is sitting on the quilt.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High on Paint

Tonight I took one of my quilt's to Wally World and matched it up to some paint, Rice Paddy. Not exactly what I thought the color would be named, but what do I know. It actually looks brighter in the room than on the paint chip so I am not totally sure how it's going to work in the room. It's my first time picking out paint, my first time painting an entire room by myself (with Jay's help of course.) I guess I will make it work.

Poor Jay! He forgot what he was doing and started painting the ceiling :o) White paint is in our future anyway since I am going to go over the baseboards and stuff.

One thing I am not, a decorator. I know things that I like, but I am not good with putting things together.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Weekend Fun

Mandy, a friend of mine from college, drove over from Indiana to visit. She is headed back to the Cayman Islands this coming week. She is a teacher at a Christian school down there. For some reason she calls me the "Jolly Green Giant." Wonder why?

Unfortunately on the drive over, her truck went a little "loo-loo" on her. I went and picked her up and we had a great evening talking on Friday. This morning she found a tow truck that would tow her back to Indiana, so we didn't get to spend much time with her today. Then it was off to Buckheads on the Ohio River ( to meet up with another couple from college. Tim and Kris and their new little one, Breanna ( After this week, I really needed a weekend like this one.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

First Week

Everything else in the house might be a wreck with boxes everywhere, but Jay was sure to get my quilts out and make sure they were "properly" displayed :o) (lol, he didn't quite get them on there evenly, but it was the thought that counted)
Well, my first week as the official "pastor's wife" has been interesting. I am having a hard time staying awake for a whole day. So far everyday this week (except tonight) I have come home and crashed for a couple hours of sleep. I have had mono in the past and I don't know if it is something like that or what.

Last night I came home and fell asleep on the couch. Jay called me at 6:19 and told me it's time to get up, "church starts in a few minutes." AAGGGHHH! I jumped up but my contacts were seemingly glued to the back of my eyelids. I kept blinking, blinking, blinking, but they weren't clearing up. I found my shoes, grabbed my keys and went to the back door to find someone mowing our lawn and another couple (no clue who they were) standing in our driveway beside a blue car, blocking my car from getting out of the garage. All the while blinking, trying to wake up, I am fumbling with the keys to the door and finally head towards the garage and I hear the lady say something about moving the car so I could get out. I got to the church and I think I was the last person to walk in. Nice!

Today I worked over 12 hours since our visitation clerk called off sick. I figured I could use the extra money for Hawaii. Thankfully Jay was able to do some moving of boxes today while I was at work. Mandy will be our first house guest. She leaves next week for Cayman so it will be neat to catch up with her.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Photos for the Curious

Pictures of the church.

This is the living room at the old apartment. Dozens and dozens of boxes!

The brilliantly painted bathroom at the house.

The kitchen

Living room (yes, I am still quilting away. I am nearly done with the first of the 4 borders around the quilt. I found the quilt sitting on the couch this afternoon with the binding sitting on top of it. My hubby must have found it in a box and thought I might need it. How sweet! Although it will be dozens of hours down the road before I am ready to put it on the quilt.)

Aaron, this is the chandelier I was talking about. Not at all my style. I am thinking of painting this room a pretty green, not really olive, but not really sage either. I will let you know the official color name when I find the right shade.

Upstairs master bed (yes, those are my shoes on the dresser...I know Dad, I don't need 4 inch heels but they are kinda fun to wear!)

Our small and cluttered master bath

Jasper, Jake and their new home. They both get a room!

One of my favorite things about the house: it has TWO porches :o) (Is it just me, or do my legs look abnormally long in this pic??)