Friday, August 29, 2008


Jay had this crazy grin on his face when I got home tonight. He kept messing around on the counter and when it was dessert time, he whipped out his very first homemade cheesecake with raspberries on top. It is very yummy. Of course, I dug right in and then he explained why he made it. Being the oblivious person that I am, I don't keep track of dates very well. He advised me that it was exactly 3 years ago today that we began dating. How sweet of him to remember! How stupid of me to forget :o)

Thanks to my mom who came down and painted with me last weekend. She also accompanied me to Garden Ridge and found the candle holders and the picture above the couch. The lighting doesn't show the true colors at all but at least you can see some of it. The candle holders are actually a dark red color that matches the pillows on the couch.
Mom suggested I cut down the size of the quilt that I am working on for the living room. So I took off a couple rows and used it as the runner on the wooden trunk.
The kitchen (and watermelon)


LJL said...


Anonymous said...

looks a lil diff than when i was there! looks nice :) -brutus

dee said...

todd always remembers the anniversary of our first date, too. makes me feel like a heel. even though i could also tell you exactly when it was,(august 5th, 25 years ago) i never think to celebrate the date.

Alanna said...

In regards to your comment, I do think Kimberly is from PA. I'll have to ask her is Jason was her Youth Pastor. Small World! We all had fun. Your house is really coming together!

Aunt connie said...

LOOOOVE the kitchen AND the handbag!!