Sunday, March 29, 2009

3rd Row Boys and Mark Lowry

Hanging out before the concert.

Leighton doing his thing on the piano.

3rd Row Boys raising the roof :o)

Mark being is goofy self

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

What better day to book our flight to Ireland?? Of course, we still need our passports which are next on the agenda but we got a really good deal on the tickets! Yay! Jay will be speaking in two church camps back to back, each a week long. I am just going for the week before these camps start so we can see the sights, then back to the U.S. for me while he stays for two more weeks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trying to fulfill our part of the Great Commission

When we arrived last August, the board let us know right up front, they had no children in their church and that was something they really wanted to change. So in the last couple months, we raised the funds for a church bus and this morning we did our first Sunday run. We have been picking up kids in our cars and it was taking 4 cars and sometimes more to get everyone. So the bus is an answer to prayer. Meet Twinkie!

As you can see, the first day we did some true Kentucky driving. They call it " muddin" down here :o)

Picking up one of our first passengers.

These two guys cracked me up - they just didn't seem too thrilled :o)

We pick a lot of kids up from one place. We were afraid the bus couldn't make it up, since it is all gravel and very bumpy. The regular school bus doesn't even go up the hill. The kids have to walk down it and meet the bus. But our Twinkie made it up just fine and with our experienced CDL driver who has driven in tons of big cities, he was able to turn Twinkie around in 3 points and was able to head back down.

Silly guys

Ready to roll!

Anyone have any good ideas on getting mud out of a bus and I mean a TON of mud. A power washer?

Today was our first day of Spiritual Awakening with Rev. Ken Cox. This was the sight that greeted us when we pulled up with the bus tonight. Apparently the front door (and only door that can be opened from the outside) was malfunctioning and no one could get in. Thankfully Jay had the special touch and was able to get the lock to open up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

eye picks anyone?

I think I need some eye picks. I can't keep my eyes open on the drive to work in the morning. It's not like I am not getting sleep. I get at least 6 hours and usually closer to 8 hours. This morning I got to work at 7:52 so I decided to sit in my car a few more minutes. I fell asleep!!!!! Good thing my alarm went off at 7:58 I had set it just in case I fell alseep, although I didn't think I would.

Some have suggested that what I gave up for Lent might have something to do with it? I haven't said anything about it on here because I want to make it all the way to Easter first :o)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

....a time to relax....

Enjoying Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jeremy and Bridgett met us in Nashville. They live in Huntsville, Alabama.

Some neat streetlamps

Yummy yummy food!

He knows I like horses, but seriously now!

This door is a 7.5 ton bronze door at the Parthenon - what in the world do you need a door that heavy for?

Inside the Parthenon is the Greek mythical figure, Athena. 8 pounds of 23.75 karat gold is spread over the figure. To give you some perspective, the little dude in her hand is 6'4" tall. She is about 42 foot tall.

The outside of the Parthenon, the only replica of its kind in the world.

Jay was able to get a good deal at the Embassy Suites. It's one of our favorite places to stay. Besides having a garden/atrium in the middle of the hotel, they cook you "made to order" omelettes in the morning and it's free! This isn't a continental type deal either! Made to order omelettes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, eggs and cheese, french toast, fresh fruit, chocolate milk, orange juice, bananas etc etc. You definitely get a regular breakfast! I liked these thingies above the elevators.

Outside the Parthenon again

Jeremy and Bridgett in front of the watefall

Some local architecture