Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Camera bag

So being in photography school, I want to get all my gear in one bag. I started looking online at camera bags. How come all the cute ones are sooo expensive??? Like this cute Jo Tote in teal - $89 That actually isn't a bad price at all compared to some others. BUT i didn't want to spend that much so....

I went to TJMaxx and bought a tote/purse/bag thing that i liked and thought would hold up well. All those pockets will hold batteries, filters, keys, phone etc. This is a Rome and Juliet handbag made out of linen and tan leather. It seems pretty sturdy and its got a good base.

I had read several tutorials and blogs where other gals had made their own camera inserts. So I bought a yard of foam at Joanns for $5 and some velcro at Walmart for less than $4. I measured the inside of my bag and then put some material around several pieces of foam. Along the sides of the insert i sewed one long strip of velcro. Then on each divider i put tabs of the other half of the velcro so that i can move the dividers around as needed. My camera with a lens fits in the open spot shown below. Off to the right out of site is my 430ex ii speedlite and to the left are two Canon lenses. I still have room for 2 more lenses in the insert and the purse itself has a couple slots and pockets inside as well. So I was able to purchase the bag and make the insert for $39. I had this material left over from a quilt that you can see it here