Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fast Lane

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Somehow, this year, it doesn't have the appeal that it has had in the past. I am trying to figure out why. I know the food will definitely be as good as it ever was. I will still be with my family although my grandparents are celebrating together in heaven. Perhaps it is because it seems to have come up so quickly.
This week has been unusually hectic. I recently hired 4 more people to work at the jail and of course, for some reason I decided to start training 2 of them the week of Thanksgiving. Smart! Not to mention we are re-opening the booking area in the jail as it was just recently renovated so we are extremely busy buying/setting up/programming all new equipment for that area. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Two of the people I hired started this Monday and I have been training them only to find out that the Department of Corrections won't even inspect the new area until December. Yikes! So I am scrambling to find places for these 4 new people to "hang" until their places are ready in the newly renovated area.
To top it all off, Jay has to work tomorrow. I am hoping most people forget to put out their trash before they leave for their Thanksgiving day trip. That way he can get back to our house and cleaned up so we can get together with family before the afternoon is totally gone. Unlike years past, I am working the day following Thanksgiving. I am not a shopper so all the sales usually don't entice me but of course this year, I wouldn't mind going with my sister, but I volunteered to work since I knew Jay was working. Sigh!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Interestingly enough, I know I have at least one fan, my brother-in-law, Aaron. I guess he has a little too much time on his hands. He called this morning and after conversing with Jay for a while, decided I needed a little pep talk and asked Jay to give me the phone. Apparently not posting on my blog for 9 days must mean there is something wrong and therefore I needed some encouragement.
So here I am again. But I have no idea what to write. Isn't that nice? Writer's block. I will say we watched a DVD this morning that was rather amusing. Secondhand Lions. Two eccentric brothers living in a delapidated house with millions of dollars to spend and they generally spend their time "fishing" with shotguns. One of the last scenes shows a huge million dollar yacht in there 500 foot wide pond. They met their timely deaths as 90 year old men trying to fly their "kit" plane upside down throught their barn. Neither had ever flown a plane.
Oh and I have taken the proverbial step and opened a bebo account . I mainly opened one because my sisters have one and to post on their accounts I needed to be a member.
Well it is getting close to crunch time!!! OSU all the way baby!!! Aaron, sorry man, just can't cheer for Michigan with you. Even if OSU loses (which I don't think they will) I have this avid dislike for anything Michigan. In other words, I always cheer for the person playing against Michigan. It must be a Buckeye thing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Misty eyes

Well, I just received my professional photographs last night. At least the proofs anyway. My favorites, of course, are the ones taken outside with just Jason and I. I have over 400 proofs to choose from. Yikes!! A co-worker at the jail was married on the same date as Jason and I were. We both received our proofs yesterday and of course brought them to work this morning to show each other. She had over 1200!!! proofs to look at. WOW!

I have this Adobe photo program that allows you to change photos. I changed the below photo to black and white but kept the color bouquet. It is a similar picture to one that the photographer shot but these are my candid photos. I think it looks pretty neat myself.
Tonight was date night. Every Thursday evening we try to do something special. Usually just eating out and shopping or watching a movie together. Which by the way, has been somewhat uncomfortable as we still have no couch. Not that I don't have one purchased, just that it hasn't arrived to our humble 2 bed 1 1/2 bath apartment. I can't wait for it to arrive! Soft light cream microfiber is what I chose. Not a very expensive couch but right now I just want a comfortable place to sit with Jay right beside me. The scenario lately reads something like, me slouched in the blue recliner with a blanket over me and Jay a couple feet away in an old 1975 brown whirly chair with springs that are getting tired of holding up people's rear ends. No snuggling during the movie. Bummer! I suppose I should name the poor whirly chair. It definitely has enough character to be given a nickname. I'll have to think about it though. I love your smile, Dad!