Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trying to fulfill our part of the Great Commission

When we arrived last August, the board let us know right up front, they had no children in their church and that was something they really wanted to change. So in the last couple months, we raised the funds for a church bus and this morning we did our first Sunday run. We have been picking up kids in our cars and it was taking 4 cars and sometimes more to get everyone. So the bus is an answer to prayer. Meet Twinkie!

As you can see, the first day we did some true Kentucky driving. They call it " muddin" down here :o)

Picking up one of our first passengers.

These two guys cracked me up - they just didn't seem too thrilled :o)

We pick a lot of kids up from one place. We were afraid the bus couldn't make it up, since it is all gravel and very bumpy. The regular school bus doesn't even go up the hill. The kids have to walk down it and meet the bus. But our Twinkie made it up just fine and with our experienced CDL driver who has driven in tons of big cities, he was able to turn Twinkie around in 3 points and was able to head back down.

Silly guys

Ready to roll!

Anyone have any good ideas on getting mud out of a bus and I mean a TON of mud. A power washer?

Today was our first day of Spiritual Awakening with Rev. Ken Cox. This was the sight that greeted us when we pulled up with the bus tonight. Apparently the front door (and only door that can be opened from the outside) was malfunctioning and no one could get in. Thankfully Jay had the special touch and was able to get the lock to open up.


Aaron said...

That AWESOME!!! I think you guys are really making an impact on your people and that will definitely impact your community. I'm praying that you and Jason will have the energy and the wisdom to do something special in Falmouth.

LJL said...

Those two guys were thinking, "Oh, boy, another SCHOOL bus to get on". Neat pictures.

Janella Thompson said...

I am so happy you got a is very exciting! we love our van. I hope one day to get out calling...and really start filling it up more than what we have now! We have approx. 12 kids now. I would love to see double in about a year. I just love my kids!

Tim and Kristina said...

WOW! I'm so glad it finally worked out for you guys to get a bus. I know God is going to bless you guys with all your hard work.

Hey, when is our next "meet"?

Have a great day!