Thursday, August 07, 2008

First Week

Everything else in the house might be a wreck with boxes everywhere, but Jay was sure to get my quilts out and make sure they were "properly" displayed :o) (lol, he didn't quite get them on there evenly, but it was the thought that counted)
Well, my first week as the official "pastor's wife" has been interesting. I am having a hard time staying awake for a whole day. So far everyday this week (except tonight) I have come home and crashed for a couple hours of sleep. I have had mono in the past and I don't know if it is something like that or what.

Last night I came home and fell asleep on the couch. Jay called me at 6:19 and told me it's time to get up, "church starts in a few minutes." AAGGGHHH! I jumped up but my contacts were seemingly glued to the back of my eyelids. I kept blinking, blinking, blinking, but they weren't clearing up. I found my shoes, grabbed my keys and went to the back door to find someone mowing our lawn and another couple (no clue who they were) standing in our driveway beside a blue car, blocking my car from getting out of the garage. All the while blinking, trying to wake up, I am fumbling with the keys to the door and finally head towards the garage and I hear the lady say something about moving the car so I could get out. I got to the church and I think I was the last person to walk in. Nice!

Today I worked over 12 hours since our visitation clerk called off sick. I figured I could use the extra money for Hawaii. Thankfully Jay was able to do some moving of boxes today while I was at work. Mandy will be our first house guest. She leaves next week for Cayman so it will be neat to catch up with her.


Kelly S said...

It will get better I'm sure:) I talked to a lady last night at prayer meeting who is very excited about you and Jason coming to their church. God will help you!

lyndie said...

congrats on jay's new job and the move! exciting stuff!
i'm not too surprised you're exhausted- moving and job changes are a sure-fire way to wipe anyone out. that's the way it's been for me anyway. hang in there- eventually you'll catch up (that's what i keep telling myself) even if you have to go to bed @ 9p every night (i haven't learned this yet).
Your mom stopped in where i work today. It was fun to see her.
Have fun settling in. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lyndie - especially the 9:00 bedtime, at least for a short while :) That's when I typically go to bed during the school year.....9 - 9:30. I can't function any other way and still get up at 5 AM

do keep in mind that you are married to jay and not to the church, though i'm sure that's easier said than done. i'm praying for you :)