Saturday, August 09, 2008

Weekend Fun

Mandy, a friend of mine from college, drove over from Indiana to visit. She is headed back to the Cayman Islands this coming week. She is a teacher at a Christian school down there. For some reason she calls me the "Jolly Green Giant." Wonder why?

Unfortunately on the drive over, her truck went a little "loo-loo" on her. I went and picked her up and we had a great evening talking on Friday. This morning she found a tow truck that would tow her back to Indiana, so we didn't get to spend much time with her today. Then it was off to Buckheads on the Ohio River ( to meet up with another couple from college. Tim and Kris and their new little one, Breanna ( After this week, I really needed a weekend like this one.


Tim and Kristina said...

It was great getting together with you guys! We had a great time. Will have to do it more often. We missed Mandy, hopefully next time she is in town we can get together! Have a great week!

LJL said...

I remember her, don't I?