Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This morning we were excited to have the highest Sunday attendance since we came in August. God has really blessed our church. We have a new Christian family in our church and they have been a real blessing to us. They have stepped right in and really started getting involved.

We picked up 23 kids on our bus this morning!

Jay talking about Proverbs 31.

Jamie and I handed out the small pink flowers.

Jay and I headed out to pick up the kids at about 8:50 this morning.

Some of the gals we pick up.

Earliena stole my camera again and had some fun taking pics of herself.

I just wanted to thank two gals in particular, Kris W. and Tara M. Kris and Tim met us last night and we had dinner together. Kris handed me a green envelope last night and I totally forgot about it until this morning when I was headed out the door to church. I opened it up and it was a sparkly green card that said Happy Mother's Day. She had written a small note inside that brought tears to my eyes. Thanks also to Tara who sent me an e-card. How sweet of them to think of me.


LJL said...

How great is that...your attendance!

LJL said...

Pretty sure I know that pastor/bus driver.

Aaron said...

Souldn't a pastor wear a tie?