Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Fun

One of the junior classes singing Apple Red's been a long time since I have heard that song!

Then we learned a little math, multiplication to be exact (you never get bored at Falmouth Wesleyan!) Jay explained that when we arrived in August of 2008, there was one teenager in the entire church. He brought her up front and gave her two pieces of candy. With one of those pieces, she was to pick someone to 'bring to church' and then they joined her up front. Then Jay gave them both another piece of candy and they were to pick someone in the congregation to 'bring to church.' Eventually we had 32 people standing up front. From that one teenager in August 2008 to May 2009 we have increased to about 20 regular teen and kid attenders on Sunday morning. This morning we had 46 in Sunday school which is awesome for our little church. God is good!

Here Jay explains that he wishes he could give all 32 people another piece of candy and get 64 people standing up front. Unfortunately we aren't there yet but we are headed that direction. Then he poured the rest of the candy on the floor and there was a mass scramble by the kids to get it :o)

After church, these two ladies, Jamie and Bethany, assisted me in the kitchen, where we coooked, baked and prepared the Sunday meal for 6 people. (Dani, recognize the top?)

Of course, after the meal, Jay along with the teens left for a service at the nursing home and this was the aftermath :o) Reminds me of meals at mom and dads when we were kids, except we had to clean it up. This time it was just me, but I didn't mind. See Dad, I can cook...kinda....


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! My wife can cook! Great job, babe! Jason

Dani said...

Yep! Glad she could use it. Looking good!

Aaron said...

Great stuff, you guys are really impacting your world--AWESOME!!!

LJL said...

Looks like they pretty much devastated the food!