Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brent's Graduation Party

Brent and Holley!

So proud of our brother! (We are standing in Dani's entry way. She did a great job decorating her house!)

A surprise to all of us, including Brent! He received an award during the ceremony.

Proud parents (and granddog)

Dani hosted the party at her house

Our cousin Brandon also graduated today from the same college so their parties were combined. Here they are with their gals. Brandon graduated with a music degree and is going to pursue graduate studies and Brent graduated with a four year Bachelor's degree in Christian Teacher Education.

Me and Jay

Some friends from highschool (Faith Christian) drove down to join the fun - Sara and Teddy


Alanna said...

I was so glad that Brent got the award! I so called it! :)

Janella Thompson said...

So proud of Brent (BJ) and Brandon!!!! I wish we could have been there. I was just to nervous..but after today I could have done it..IF the day would have played out the same! Makes me want to cry! Oh well...thankfully Brandon was understanding and I got to talk to him about an hour before the graduation! Way to go Brent on the award! Your going to be an awsome teacher just like your dad!!!