Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Hole in My Heart (by: Regina Baker)

A mother I had dreamed to be
God allowed tragedy for me

I hoped that this day would bring joy
Perhaps a small girl or a boy

My loss was certainly Heaven's gain
But that does not lessen the great pain

What cruel twist has been sent my way
Is there some reason that I must pay?

For God knows best we always say
No sum of money I can pay

Impossible to return that gift to me
I do know that God is and will always be

I journey forward and with hope
For without this I could not cope

I understand more clearly now
And I with deep reverence bow

For God willingly gave His Son for me
That I might forever with Him be

No malice within me you will find
How can I remove this from my mind?

That glorious day when Him I see
Will my little one run to me?

Baby Baker: Due May 27, 2009


LJL said...

Oh...hurting with you.

Jenny said...

Been thinking about you Regi!

Peggy B. said...

May God wrap His arms tightly around you.

Aunt Connie said...

Love you Regi. I hurt with you, yesterday. Thanks for sending the poem to me. It was so very touching and reminded me of the wonderful gift of writing that you'll pass on to your little ones, some day, like your Daddy did to you.

Jenn said...

I'm praying for you!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

God has planned good gifts and some great things for you! Keep holding on!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. My favorite lines are the last two. I wonder if my little angel baby will come running to me. I hope so. Thanks for sharing.

LJL said...

Grandpa read and liked your poem today.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for your loss. The poem is beautiful; I am so glad we can look forward to seeing our angel babies again. Mine would be 16 now. We love you Reggie, and pray for you. sue pennell

Char said...

Beautiful...and sad...after almost 20 years I still feel those emotions...praying for you and others that God will bless and give you the desire of your heart.