Sunday, January 11, 2009

300th Post - A Family Sunday

Me and my honey - This morning he preached on faith and I thought he did a good job getting his point across.

Mom and Dad (his usual goofy self)

Dani lookin' cute!!!

Brent and his gal, Holley

We all crowded around our small table, half of us with burgundy plates and half with Christmas tree plates :o) We ran out of room on the table so we rolled the dishwasher over and put two pies, a crockpot of roast and the corn casserole on it.

Bullwinkle and Dudley did NOT!!! get along. I had no clue that Bullwinkle would be so aggressive with another dog. They got in a couple spats and they definitely enjoyed fighting over the same toys.

Momma in the morning with her doggies. I think Bullwinkle was quite taken with her.

Dad has a new friend.

Thanks to my family for visiting us this Sunday. We definitely missed Ally's loud mouth today:o)


Tim and Kristina said...

Looks like you had a great time!

LJL said...

I wasn't goofy. It was nap time.