Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winkle and the Guest Room

Bullwinkle - such a cute dog. I think he is getting used to a new house and new surroundings. He is still pretty scared of Jay. I think it is his deeper voice. He is allowed in the kitchen, laundry room, family and living rooms and that is it. He doesn't have full reign of the upstairs or the guest bedroom. Not everyone likes dogs in their houses or rooms so I want our guests to know when they come that he hasn't really been in their rooms unless he walked in with me or something. I have wanted a little dog for a while but I didn't want one while we lived in the apartment. Now that we have a house and Jay is at home in/out throughout the day, he can let Bullwinkle in and out of his cage or outside. Bullwinkle was already cage and house trained when we got him which is what I wanted since we don't have a lot of time. He mostly plays with his toys or chews on his bone. Every once in a while he wants you to play with him and he will whine and give you his puppy look and you can hardly resist.

Here are some pictures of the guest bedroom. It is pretty bare, but I like the colors.

The white quilt rack was from my mother-in-law. I think it looks good in this room.


LJL said...

What a pooch.

Janella Thompson said...

I just love him. I wonder if he and Dudley will be friends????