Saturday, January 03, 2009

Good exercise

Dad rented a gym in Greenville, a tiny gym, but we had fun anyway.

Dad directing traffic

The cheering section - Wilma, Dani, Brook and me

I think they were interested in their conversations and laughing at us girls while we tried our hand at basketball - we didn't get much cheering out of them.

The 'bleachers' - the emergency stairwell - there is no other place to sit in this little gym :o)

Trying to play basketball

Me and Dani running 'in sync' - Don't we look cute?

Jamie in a rare beautiful moment

Ally and her man, Luke


Tim and Kristina said...

I see you met the new boyfriend!

dee said...

the pic of ally and luke is adorable. what a cute couple :)

LJL said...

I am so sore!

Anonymous said...

I never was good in basket ball. I don't know why! ;-) (not so) Theresa A

Janella Thompson said...

looks like ya'll had fun. And nice to see Luke is fitting into the fam!

Lavy Country said...

i am old and not a basketball player but what fun anyway! feeling it especially today. i don't know if football could have been any worse. :o)

Lavy Country said...

By the way -- REMATCH! Reg we can make it a little tougher on those young gals!! I'm going into training - I think Wayne is insisting. I brought shame to the family name.

Regi said...

Rematch? You tell me when. We did get a REALLY nice treadmill for Christmas. Has the programs already in it and the auto incline thing so you can walk uphill and all that stuff. Jay used the last one so much it fell apart. I think I should have my partner from my highschool basketball team on our team, at least give us a chance :o)

scottandkris said...

Just poppin around sayin Hi...gym looks like tons of fun!!!