Thursday, March 29, 2012

when you know what you want...

...why does it seem you can never find it? Today i searched,, and physically VISITED Big Lots furniture, 2 tjmaxx stores, Target, 3 flea markets, Kittles furniture, Goodwill, 2 different Brad's furniture stores, Value City furniture, Hobby Lobby, The Room Place, Ashley Homestore, Affordable Furniture, Old Time Pottery and a couple others I can't even think of right now. You got that right....over a dozen different places (thanks honey, for carting me all over the place. I couldn't have done it without you) . Looking for what you might ask? A desk.

Wowzers! who knew it would be so hard to find a desk. And this is not like a certain desk that is so unique that no one has it. It's just a desk that is wooden, not contemporary looking (but not antique) has NO drawers on the sides, only drawers hanging underneath the desk and with or without a hutch. Of course I found a couple that were $700 but really? a wooden desk for $700 - they have to be making like $550 on that desk. Like I am just going to hand them that kind of money.

See this desk? I found it at Affordable Furniture under the name Simply Ashley - beautiful desk made from wood, drawers hanging from under the desk for about $300. A little more than I wanted to spend but definitely the look and idea I am going for. I don't want it to look like a home office so to speak because I will put a lamp and decorations on it similar to what's pictured. I was very happy to find a store that was able to get this. I want something that will hold up a 32" monitor (it's actually a tv but it will be hooked up to a computer) (yah, it's huge) and be sturdy enough for lots of use. Another huge plus - this desk has it's own power outlets inside so i won't have cords hanging down behind it. Just one cord from the desk to the power outlet (love that!)

Then I come home get back on and begin searching again and lo and behold...what should pop up but the exact same picture as above under a different name and walmart wants $408 for theirs. Good grief!

Anybody want to make other suggestions? I have found several parson's desks online but they are plainer that what I want and usually with very little storage space. I don't need a lot but at least something more than a little pull out drawer for 2 pencils. Craigslist and the garage sale site on facebook (after Easter! I gave up facebook for Lent) are definite possibilities also. I would like to get this sooner versus later. I will be using it for my photography lessons, work and internet surfing. Right now I work out of my lazy boy recliner on my laptop. I think i would feel better having an actual work space. Y'all are welcome to chime in.


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