Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not for the weak of mind...

It always seems like we make these rushed weekend trips here, there and yonder. This particular weekend we hurried to Missouri for Jay's grandmother's funeral. Below are her 4 children. Tom just wouldn't cooperate for this photo op and decided he would stick his tongue out at me. Can't you tell how much they love having their picture taken?

For the first time, I met Steven and Christina, two of Jay's cousins. Steven is a music teacher and Christina works for the Joint Economic Committee for the US Senate in D.C. It made for some interesting political discussions around our table. Another of Jay's cousins works for the candidate running for the Missouri governor's position.
Then we drove back to Mom and Dad's place Friday night. The next morning after a quick visit to Bob Evans and then to see my grandparents, I rushed over to see Nancy, a hair stylist at D and Company. Nancy has been doing my hair for about 10 years now. She probably dreads when I call her up from Kentucky. The last time I had my hair permed, she rolled 144 perm rods into my hair. Poor lady! Jay loves the curls so I go through the 3 1/2 hour procedure just for him...well, not really but it sounded good.

This is how Nancy keeps her lunch warm while doing my hair. Who would have thunk? She just slapped the bag in the hair dryer and switched it on. Hilarious!
After my perm, we stopped by Maid Rite since Jay has just discovered these in the last several weeks. They were yummy. We ran home, changed clothes and headed to Valley's Edge in New Paris. ( There we met Chad and Rachel for a fun time of snow tubing. The going was pretty rough at first since the sun was still out and the lanes weren't that fast. It was fun despite getting stuck in a mud hole at the end of one of the lanes.
Afterwards, Chad, Rachel, Jay and I headed to Fazoli's for some yummy Italian food and BREADSTICKS!


Anonymous said...

wow! you did pack a lot into your weekend! but those were excellent selections! :)

LJL said...

Well, I went to Marion's Pizza after snow tubing with my special friend, John. And his wife, Bobbie and kids, Patrick and Kristen. And Ally and Mom. Great pizza. Fun tubing.

Jenn said...

Maybe this is a dumb question... but what size curlers do you use for your perm?? I want to get one once this baby is born.

Regi said...

The smallest rods they have!