Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speedy weekend

Bullwinkle accompanied me on a quick trip up to the 'farm.' When I got there I asked Mom if their lawnmower was broken - LOL! I guess their grass grows as quickly up there as it does down here. I promptly hopped on one of their riding lawnmowers and went at it. I LOVE mowing - it is very relaxing for me and I feel like I am getting something done while not really doing much. I mowed for about 4 hours or so. I got most of their 3 acres mowed. This is a small wagon my mom gave me that used to be my Grandpa's. It is just the perfect size for Bullwinkle :o)

My brother, Brent, and his gal, Holley, were home for the weekend. They went mushroom hunting and found quite a few 'sponge' and 'spike' mushrooms. Yay for them! We are quite proud of Holley. She is studying to become a nurse!

The 'shrooms of course.

Bullwinkle playing his favorite game.


LJL said...

Came home from work to find the lawn MOWED. Need a part-time job?

Regi said...

I am always looking for paying my gas for the 300 mile round trip?

~~anna~~ said...

I used to love time spent on the riding lawnmower. very relaxing!