Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Drama - Redemption's Promise

Here are a couple pics of our rehearsal this evening.

The set (with the lights in the way of course)

The guys fooling around

Just hangin' out in the market place

The "second floor" holding room - Jay and his brother built it up about 4 feet

The drama, Redemption's Promise, will be performed on Good Friday night and Easter Sunday night. All are welcome!


Alanna said...

Wow! It looks great. Would love to see it - you should include some video. :)

~~anna~~ said...

Wow! Your sets look fantastic!
Will be praying that all goes well, and that many attend and learn the true meaning of Easter!

Anonymous said...

That really looks great! You guys really did a great job. I know the Lord will reward you both. Theresa

Tim and Kristina said...

Great job! The seat looks great! I still need to talk to Tim about Sunday night...we might be there..I'll let you know!

LJL said...


Janella Thompson said...

Looks great...I wish we could come.But it's just not going to work out. We will be praying for ya'll.