Thursday, April 09, 2009


..perhaps an example of my schedule would help explain why I haven't been blogging lately. Take today for instance:
6:10 a.m. alarm
6:10:01 a.m. smack the phone
6:15 a.m. alarm
6:15:01 s mack the phone again (this continues until the last possible moment)
6:20 a.m. arise, stumble around in the dark finding clothes to pull on finally turn on the light
6:25 a.m. at least the bathroom light works, sometimes, makeup and teeth brushing ensues
6:30 a.m. let the dog out and begin devotions
7:00 a.m. out the door to work
7:52 a.m. clock in at work and realized almost simultaneously the phones aren't working
8:01 a.m. boss calls and asks about the phones
8:01 a.m. to 3:56 p.m. work, work, deal with my-son-wouldn't-lie-to-me mothers and try to explain they might be in jail for a reason
3:56 p.m. decide it's time to move on to something a little more interesting
3:59 p.m. climb in my bumper rusted Escort
4:23 p.m. arrive at Curves for workout
4:59 p.m. huffing and puffing climb back in faithful Escort
5:27 p.m. arrive home to a very excited dog and some very TALL grass and NO running water
5:35 p.m. sit down to lasagna and texas toast made by my honey - ask him about the lawnmower
5:57 p.m. borrowed lawnmower arrives - hubby leaves - mowing begins - I decide to take my wedding band off since it hurts against the push mower's safety bar
6:25 p.m. realize a house on a hill does present a small problem while mowing
6:38 p.m. finish mowing - yell at bullwinkle for trying to attack the lawnmower
6:40 p.m. realize the leaves in the garage are still there from last fall - sweep out 2 car garage
6:57 p.m. uh oh - supposed to be at church - grab keys and cell phone jump in Escort
7:00 p.m. arrive on time (we live .7 miles from church) and find none of the cast ready to practice anyway
7:15 p.m. rehearsal begins - i am running the lights and sound
7:45 p.m. i stop rehearsal - tell the kids I can hear them whispering and giggling even over the 2 actors out doing their parts
8:15 p.m. rehearsal is over - head back home
8:22 p.m. put the dog outside where he can bark and play to his heart's content - water IS running
8:25 p.m. log in to Southwest Financial website and begin working for my 2nd job
11:20 p.m. finish up working for Southwest
11:40 p.m. finish typing this blog
11:45 p.m. shower
11:55 p.m. bed time

Someone once told me - "you will never be more busy than you are right now!" (that was in college when I was going to school full time and working full -time to put myself through - uhhhh wish they could see me NOW!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am blessed to have such a wonderful hard working wife!-Jason

~~anna~~ said...

Now what would you change in your schedule if you could?

LJL said...

Busy day!!!!!!!!!!!11

Regi said...

If I was independently wealthy?? I would quit the jail!!!!

Alanna said...

Yep, I've heard that too in college. Guess it's true, huh? :)