Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Resort on Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Resort on Cocoa Beach. It was a pretty neat place. Tennis courts, basketball courts, large hot tub, large Caribbean style pool and of course, a tiki bar. It was a pretty neat place. We had two bedrooms, two large bathrooms, kitchen, dining area and a living room. Our balcony was on the side of the building but we could see the ocean quite well from our perch as you can see. We only went down to the beach one time while we were there. I was surprised at how scarce the people were. Apparently we hit them at their least busy season which was fine with me. I wouldn't mind going back to this Resort but it would be pretty expensive. Thankfully Jason's parents let us take some of their timeshare for this resort. I saw the prices for what appeared to be the height of their busy season $310 a night or $1880 a week!!! Uhm, I don't think so! We did spend some time in the pool though. There is a little splash pool type things for kids at the top of the picture. If you look close you can see the net across the bottom of the pool. Jason and I played a few times but I kept hitting it out of the pool. Whoops! It seemed like a pretty fancy place to hang out for a few days. I'm not really sure what the skeleton is doing on this fountain. For some reason I didn't think it really went with the fancy decor but what do I know?


Dad said...

I know what the skeleton is. It was a man sitting there waiting for the perfect woman to arrive! The resort looks awesome.

Jason said...

NO kidding!!!! Lowell, do you think he is a scrapbooking widower?!

Regi said...

You guys are very mean! Scrapbooking is a very creative hobby and a nice break from doing household chores.