Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well, here we go...our first Christmas! Tonight I am making kiss cookies. GRIN! Anyone recognize the plate? It was given to me as a gift at one of my bridal showers from a special friend.

There isn't that much to say except that I spent about 7!! hours running around to different stores trying to get my Christmas gifts together. Now, you have to understand that people in the Cincinnati area aren't really known for their politeness. Besides two ladies butting in front of me twice in just a couple hours, all things seemed to go well besides waiting in line for about 20 minutes at Hobby Lobby. It was crazy! I suppose some people actually enjoy waiting in traffic, waiting in line and just waiting period all for the sake of the Christmas season.

And to give Jay his due, he does help me do the dishes quite a lot.

And just for you Judy, I put some more pictures of the tree WITH presents!


poke said...

I love the pic of jay. The gifts look nice. CAN I OPEN ONE? CAN I,HUH? CAN I??? (LOL)

Anonymous said...

WELL, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLATE! glad to see you've put it to use already :)

i'm with you when it comes to the waiting problem. i'm not the most patient person anyway, especially with rude people or with people who block aisles (or entire walkways) to talk with friends or who seem to be totally unaware that anyone else might be shopping around them - well, you get the picture. so combine that with the rest of the craziness of the season, and it amounts to un montón de stress for me. i'm really hoping that anything i may still need to get can be done locally - like, within a 15-mile radius of where i live!

Kristina Wall said...

I'm glad to see you can now make cookies since when we were in college you couldn't even boil water!!!!!

Regi said...

Gee thanks!