Saturday, December 02, 2006

Missing family

Well, after eating way too much turkey and talking more than I normally do, we headed out to the "football field" for our rousing Thanksgiving Day matchup.{After the basketball game of course.] We try to do it almost every year. This year we had several acres to choose from. Our 4 boundaries were interesting. Two sweatshirts marked one end zone. A bright yellow 4 wheeler and a sweatshirt marked the other end. True hillbilly football. However, girl power ruled this game. I caught two touchdowns, including the winning one. I will say my hubby took a hit for the team. Even though it was tag football we were all playing hard and he got nailed in the face. He complained every time he blew his nose for the next couple days. Welcome to the family, dear.
Then of course, Dani decided to take advantage of one of the four wheelers on the premises. See that small dark mole on her cheek? That is no beauty mark. It's a big blog of mud! I guess there was some serious four wheeling to be had out there. I didn't take a ride.
The Friday following Thanksgiving we headed to Indiana for a more sedate celebration. No football or rough housing here. Good food, lots of talking and we even had a couple Thanksgiving Day readings.
I took several pictures of our families. Of course on my side, we were missng both my grandparents. This is our first Thanksgiving without at least one of my grandparents so it made things a little harder but we did remarkably well. In fact I don't remember many tears being shed.
Below are a few more pictures that I took. Jay's mom made the cutest little turkeys. They were sitting at each plate when we arrived. I thought they were so cute I took a couple pictures of them. Mine was so cute, I didn't even eat it.


Pops said...

Who is that girl in the white sweater holding that magnificent pup, the famous Master Dudley?