Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well I spoke with the company today and they have agreed to let us use their workshop for $15. This $15 will reserve the workshop totally for us and no one else. In the future, if we decide, we can just arrive at the workshop and hope there is no one else there and use it for free, but for the first night I thought I would go ahead and reserve it.

I will be going early to learn the machines and how to use the croppers and that way I can show you ladies how to use them as well. I reserved the room for Tuesday, August 21 from 6-8:30. Bring all your stuff with you and bring your friends. We will discuss if/how we want to do future scrapbooking sessions. I don't want to publish the company name on here just for security reasons so if you are interested please email me or see me at church. (

Hope to see you there!


Tara said...

Hey Regi - I am interested. I will be away until the 19th - so I'll get the info when I return. I am too scatter-brained right now to comprehend anything. I'll talk to you later. :-)

blondyluvzyou said...

I'll be there! :) I'm so excited. This should be oodles of fun! :P
Love yu!

Tim and Kristina said...

Where is it going to be? I don't get off work till 6 so it will depend on if it is close by or not. Email me the details! Thanks

arol said...

I would like to try scrapbooking again. I don't have any recent pictures to work with but I am downloading them and sending them to Walmart to develope. I definately want to come. I'd like to get new ideas and etc. I need more details about location and cost. Maybe I'll see you at church tonight.

Carol Gardner said...

The previous post is from CAROL. I pushed the wrong button or something.

Regi said...

Hey Carol! It was nice to hear from you. We are going to meet at Scraps, Etc. It is a store right beside Hobby Lobby on Mall Road. There is no cost for this first meeting. I have already paid it. We will decide when our group gets there on Tuesday what we want to do for the next meeting. We don't plan to be at Burlington tonight but you could ask Linda S. or Patty S. about it as I believe they plan on coming.