Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Great Darke County Fair Food

Last year was Jason's first experience with a county fair. I could tell it made quite an impression on him, because he couldn't wait to get there this year to try out the food again!! Why am I not suprised that he was more excited about the food than watching the horse show that my sister was in? Guys and funny! This is Ally's stall door for Dan (the horse). I thought it was cute.

Jay took this picture. It looked like they were kissing in their sleep.
I thought this was a pretty neat looking drink stand.
Ally and Dan right after she showed today.
I don't look quite as stylish as Ally, but the horse is cute anyway.
Here are a couple pictures of Ally in the show ring.

I think this little guy was tired of the fair!
Our first experience with Fried Oreos topped with powdered sugar, caramel, warm fudge and whipped topping. I didn't try these but I did try some of Jason's Fried Peanutbutter Cookies. Yummy (but so fattening!)
We got a neat treat on the way home. Heading down 75 we saw 3 hot air balloons. One of them was extremely low over the highway and the folks in the basket were waving at us.


Monte & Amy said...

looks like you all had a lot of fun.
love amy

Dad said...

...and I didn't even get to visit with you or have fair food with you.

Anonymous said...

Ally looks both poised and adorable.

And Ty told me that I really must try the fried oreos. Of course, HE can afford to eat such a rich treat. From the looks of it in your picture, it would instantly add 5 lbs. to my hips. no thanks!

Tim and Kristina said...

I miss the Darke County Fair!! Looks like so much fun. Those fried oreos really sound good but not worth the calories!!


Brenda said...

Ally looks so cute! Hope she did well. I love going to the fair and will have to say the food is great. We tried fried candy bars at the Indiana State Fair a couple of years ago and they were great!

Paul and Candy said...

I sure miss going to the Great Darke County fair and getting to watch allison ride. The food is great too.

Paul and Candy