Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 5 - Grand Canyon, AZ to Las Vegas, NV

This morning we noticed several deer right up beside the lodges. See the rock wall just to the left of the white truck? This is the safety wall for the Canyon. This deer is eating the grass right in front of the lodge with people walking all around her. She wasn't scared at all!

It rained on the way back to Las Vegas and I was able to catch this beautiful rainbow.

We crossed Hoover Dam again on the way back in and this time, we stopped to take a few pictures.

Of course, we weren't in our Marriott Suite before too long when Jay wanted to know if he could go ride the ride on top of the Stratosphere. Unfortunately for him, the Big Shot wasn't running because of the wind, so he chose the Insanity ride. It looks like a giant crab with 4 big claws. At the end of the claws are two seats. The claws stretch out into open space about 1,000 feet above the Strip. Agh!

Smiling at me, as I cower at only 950 feet.

Pictures from the observation deck where I safely sat, watching him ride in the air above me.

After a yummy dinner at a buffet on the bottom level of the Stratosphere, we put the convertible top down once more and cruised the Strip for some more pictures. My boss had told me to watch the water show at the Bellagio. It was indeed beautiful. I couldn't capture the water very well with my
camera but I tried.

I tried to take pictures of buildings and hotels that I had taken in the daylight so you can compare them to the previous post.

Even the McDonalds had a catchy light sign.


~~anna~~ said...

I have really enjoyed *going* on your trip with you. Your pictures are great! Looks like when you return home, you will be really, really busy scrapbooking!
Now, did you find any good fabric shops to get any local fabric to make a quilt or two to commemorate this trip???
By the way, Happy Anniversary!