Saturday, November 10, 2007

Football and Boycott

Today we traveled to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Quite a neat place. We watched close to the first half of a college football game, my first live one. Below are some pictures. We also watched the Soard Dunk team which was pretty neat. They really got some air using those trampoline thingies.

Jay is quite proud that he caught me sleeping again. How rude.

Now...for the boycott. I am totally ticked right now. BP Gas station in Virginia. We stopped to get gas and a car wash. They had signs all over the place about their Supreme car wash blah blah blah. We get our gas and our little ticket with our car wash code on it. Pull up to the car wash and it says out of order. Jay goes inside with the receipt and the Visa card. The dude behind the counter refused to give him his money back saying that the manager was the only one who could do that and she wasn't there. Even after explaining that we were out of state and just wanted our $4 back, they wouldn't do anything. The guy had the nerve to tell Jason that he was wasting the folks time who were waiting in line behind him. GRRRR!!!! People! I called my bank and I am going to dispute the $4 car wash charge simply on principle. How rude! If you don't provide the service to the customer for which they have already paid for, legally you have to refund their money. They simply refused to do so and ended being rude to Jason. I called the number they gave us to call and talked to someone else who ended up hanging up on ME! I was just asking questions. So don't buy gas from BP!!! (Can you tell I am ticked?)


Aaron Baker said...

At least you weren't bitter about it!!!

LJL said...

Yes, I can tell. I would be, too.

Paul and Candy said...

The guy dunking kinda of reminds me of the old days...Yea, I wish..

Regi, you should have just stopped by my house, I would have made Ryan and Brandon come out and wash your car for free..


lyndie said...

lynchburg! you could've seen my sis-in-law. :) what took you to WVa, besides Liberty? do you have friends there?
too bad about the car wash. hope it all gets sorted out.

Brenda said...

Cool! I hope to get to visit Liberty some day (hopefully next May). That sure would be irritating about the car wash! How rude of BP!

Stephanie said...

Isn't Liberty a 1st class Christian university? I am finishing up my grad work in the spring and intend to head down there for graduation May 10th. We were privileged to visit the campus this past may for the graduation of a coworker of mine. I was really impressed. God has done some awesome things in Lynchburg!