Monday, November 26, 2007


Ask anyone with whom I attended highschool (or college) and they will tell you that I am NOT a procrastinator. I always tried to get my work done ahead of time. College was great because I had a schedule laid out and I was determined to arrive at each check point with all my work completed.
How is it then that I wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping? I don't enjoy shopping that much so I guess Christmas shopping is like an extra burden. Although I do enjoy seeing people's faces when they react to my gift, I don't like the "work" it takes to find what I have deemed the perfect gift for them. Alas, I started shopping officially today, but am woefully behind already. Unlike my two sisters who like Lyn were up at the crack of dawn, I slept in on Black Friday while they took their sleeping bags and blankets to Best Buy's hard cement sidewalk to await their fate. Somehow being surrounded by "would be" shoppers all night long in the freezing cold with a hard rock for your seat doesn't sound appealing at all. Not to mention the grand stampede to the door by befuddled sleepy bargain hunters, coffee in hand, who would rather shoot themselves in the foot before handing you the last laptop computer on sale.
Kudos to those of you who withstand Black Friday's wrath. Kudos to those of you who shop all year in anticipation of the Christmas holiday.


~d said...

you've got some super nice quilts that i know many people would love to have....!!!!! and that's something you do year 'round :)

we do make gift-giving rather complicated sometimes, don't we? todd and i have tried to simplify the process over the years, but somehow people push us back into doing things we really don't want to do just because it's expected. i wish you luck in finding a good balance.

Janella Thompson said...

Shopping all year is kind of fun. Plus it is easy to find great deals and get that great item when you are on the look-out all year long. Kind of keeps the spirit alive all year. I enjoy it...much because I hate waiting till the last minute. Sad to say I already have some gifts for next year!!!! :)