Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fun with Friends for FREE!

Thanks to my boss, Jim, for the bunny ears.

Looking from the top floor of the stadium across the Ohio River towards Covington, Kentucky.

Mandy right after she opened her bottle of caffeinated soda. It exploded all over her and soaked through her skirt. I got a small portion of the blast.
After the game, they shut all the stadium lights off and they had an awesome fireworks display with patriotic songs playing over the speakers. It was great!

Thanks to my boss, Greg, for the 4 tickets. We parked less than two blocks from the stadium for free. The fireworks would have been worth the ticket price.


Alanna said...

You lucky ducks! :) Loved the pictures!

LJL said...

Well, who won??

dee said...

looks like you had nice weather and a lot of fun! i'm getting really sick of the daily rain here in Costa Rica. and they call this paradise....