Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gobble til you Wobble!

Niece and nephew, Tyler and Kristen.

The Bakers

Aaron's family -- Cute picture.

Mom Baker made these cute little turkeys with candy corn in the cup.

Dad Baker made a fire outside and he and I sat around it and talked for a while.

I went along with Brent to my uncle's house. He was learning to use a shotgun since he is going deer hunting this weekend. I went along to watch. He is a pretty good shot!

Whatever it was, they didn't seem too impressed.

Grandma Hilligoss with her first grandchild.

Grandpa Hilligoss and Uncle Brandon with Maddie

Me and my honey!

This was my first shot with a 20 gage shotgun. The guy who pops his head in and says "Do not try this at home" is a guy I used to call "Turkey" when I was a kid. If you listen closely you can hear him say, "Who's the turkey now?" He is a great guy by the name of Paul who some of my readers may know. As you can tell by the boisterous laughing following my shot, they must have thought I was going to fall over which I almost did. But due to my brother and cousin's careful instructions, I had the stock pushed tight into my shoulder and no bruise resulted! If you listen closely you can hear my uncle tell me not to "hit his truck." It was about 70 yards beyond and to the left of the target so I would have to be a really bad shot to hit his truck! I also fired another weapon, I think they said it was a .410 but I am not sure.

Round 2 with a different gun.

As you can see by the top bull's eye my shots weren't too far off. Brent's shots were the bottom bull's eye and he hit right in the black circle!


LJL said...

Well, at least you didn't fall clear down.

Lavy Country said...

We're proud of you. Go girls! Way to go!