Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Galore

This has not been that great of a weekend for me. After a mental meltdown on Friday night, I slept in until 1 on Saturday afternoon. So give me some slack on the blogging schedule (Aaron!) Huge thanks to Kris (my counselor :o) for listening to me.
Here are some pictures of our Christmas celebration with the Collingsworth side of the family. I have no idea what Jay is trying to say or do here.

Trying to act like they are 'normal.'

Christmas punch

Christmas munchies

Christmas soup buffet - yummy stuff!
Waxing 'elephance' as my hubby would say

Waiting for the Christmas blessing so we can eat

Christmas cookies

Uncle Phil getting the fire just right.

Doesn't it look just perfect?

Tonight is the big night. Everything that could go wrong, has. (Murphy's law) The sound system has a short in it somewhere, so Jay had to get his parent's sound board from Anderson, Indiana. One of the kids has hardly been to practice at all (not entirely his fault.) The professional lights that Jay went to Indy to get are fine electrically but they didn't work well where Jay had first wanted them, so now they are on both sides of the center aisle (exactly where we didn't want them). The powerpoint projector (also from Jay's parents) is working fine, except we need the video cable from the projector to the laptop to be longer than 6 feet. Walmart doesn't have any longer than that so we are still (yes, at this late hour) trying to figure out how to do this since the cord is now suspended in the air between the sound board and the stage (cute, huh?) We had to arrange the actors differently otherwise they would be running right into the cable and jerking the projector and the laptop from their respective places. One of the actors only had a sleeveless dress for one of the scenes so I tried to find a small white sweater last night but no luck. Thank goodness one of the ladies at church had the perfect thing.

Now for the dinner afterwards - we are small so there aren't a lot of us to make food for all the visitors. So as of this very moment, I am cooking 160 meatballs in the crockpot, 3 peanut butter pies are chilling in the fridge, I just took a large corn casserole out of the oven and I have 3 pounds of corn to put in the crockpot for later. Oh and a large package of dinner rolls.


LJL said...

I'll bet you have a great evening in spite of your apprehension.

dee said...

your dad is right - especially if you can decide to let all those things you can't control GO. :)

and tomorrow i hope you get some good rest!

Tim and Kristina said...

Counselor?? LOL ;-) Was thinking about your play tonight, hope it went well!! Your Christmas picture on the sidebar is really good!! TTYL

Aunt Connie said...

...just little ole me sending a big hug your way!