Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lay Appreciation Month

February is the Lay Appreciation month. We felt it would be nice to invite the entire church to our house. We don't have a big church so this is feasible for us. Tonight 25 people were in our house - it was crowded and very loud, but I loved every minute. We actually had more than 25 people at church tonight but these were the ones who accepted our invitation to come over.

Crowded in the kitchen. Menu = 160 meatballs, 90 BBQ sausage links, potato chips, corn casserole, potato salad, macaroni salad, pretzels and peanutbutter dip, tortilla chips and chili dip, Famous Amos cookies, a batch of brownies, 1 cherry pie, 4 peanutbutter pies and soda.

3 spills (thankfully all in the kitchen on the vinyl floor) later everyone seemed very full and happy

At the end, I ate the left overs - 4 meatballs, 3 sausage links a spoonful of potato salad, macaroni salad and corn casserole. I gave some pieces of the peanutbutter pies away. God has been good to us. We are very thankful that God has blessed us with a ministry to this church and the people here.


Janella Thompson said...

sounds like you had fun....and I thought you said I was the entertainer. Looks like entertaining and the whole "pastors wife" role is fitting you well. I am so glad your in that have so much to give people. You are the "Great women behind the Great man" LOve ya!

Dani said...

Looks like you had a full!

Aunt Connie said...

WOW!!! That's a lot of cookin'!

LJL said...

How neat. That was very nice of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Regi did a WONDERFUL job! She was very relaxed and had things flowing well! I am a very blessed man! Thanks babe! I LOVE YOU!