Sunday, January 03, 2010

Kiss me, I am Irish!

Today, we received a white bib that says "Kiss Me, I am Irish!" Cute!

Nothing terribly exciting happening right now. The nursery is coming along well. My parents bought us a chest of drawers that matches the crib we picked out. I have yet to put it together. When we do, then I can fill up the drawers with several outfits already. I got several things for Christmas for the baby including diapers :o)

We have two lamps in the nursery -- one matches the crib bedding exactly since it is made from the same material. The other is an old lamp that I changed the lamp shades from white to multi colored. I will take a picture later so you can see what I mean. It has 5 bulbs on it and the arms holding the bulbs are flexible which will be nice down the road.

Her quilt is also getting close to being done. I work on lit a little bit every week, or at least try to. Right now I am quilting the final border. After that, I will add the binding and whip stitch it on.


Anonymous said...

Regina,would you be interested in finishing a quilt, or do you know anyone that would be interested. My mother started one and has several big squares done. There are a lot more small squares and such cut and a lot of material left. I have a quilt that she made but I would like to have this one finished. Thanks,Violet

Regi said...

Violet, sounds like you need to find someone with a lot of time on their hands. I haven't finished my daughter's quilt yet. I have one from my mom that needs finished :o)

At this point I don't think I should take on another quilt. There aren't a whole lot of people out there that quilt anymore.

Maybe you should try your hand at it :o)