Sunday, May 09, 2010

Impulse Shopping....?

First off - here are the girls on my first Mother's Day. So sad - we are missing Ally!

So we have been looking around for a bigger vehicle. Both of our cars are old and have a lot of miles. Our main car has 219,000 miles and the other has 175,000 miles. We have been saving up towards a newer vehicle. Mom had told me about this white van that was for sale. I wasn't even thinking of looking for a vehicle this weekend, but everything changed when I saw the vehicle on the lot. I called Jay and told him about it. I ended up driving it and another van on the lot. Talk about changing my plans for the day. I am not an impulse shopper by any means, but I couldn't let this go without some serious consideration. Called Jay again (maybe more than once); called a mechanic in our church; talked to Dad; talked to Mom; decided to go for it. So thankful that God has taken such good care of us. We were able to buy this van the Dave Ramsey way - paid cash for it.

Do not like that it is white - but that was the least of my worries!

Not sure why the dogs insisted on being in all the pictures :)


Leah said...

Nice van... had to convert to a family vehicle already, huh?! :) Also, love the Mother's Day picture with your baby girl and family.

LJL said...

Dogs like tires...