Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i am practically an expert...

Did I mention I strongly dislike moving?? In 1994 (?) my entire family moved from a small town to a 3 acre 'farm' in the country. In 2000, I moved to Cincinnati Ohio to attend college. I came home one summer for 2 1/2 months but other than that I lived in Cincinnati. I graduated in 2004 and moved to Erlanger, Kentucky. I married in 2006 and moved to Independence, Kentucky. Then my husband took a church in Falmouth, Kentucky in 2008 and of course (duh!) we moved there.

Once again, we are moving in February. That is 5 moves in 11 years. Ugh!! I hate the boxes, furniture moving and practically everything that goes along with it.

On the positive side, I know we are headed to the right place. Columbus, Indiana seems like a nice town. Before we made the decision to leave our current church, I specifically prayed that the Lord would give us a peace about our decision and that it would be easy for us to know if it was the right thing to do or not. Even though we still aren't sure where (what house) we are going to live in, I am really not to worried about housing or the new church.

With all this going on, sometimes I forget I am pregnant. With Rylee, being our first kid, seems I thought about her lot, but this time around with things so busy and decisions we are making, its not really affecting me. That is unless you count the afternoon/evening queasiness which can become almost unbearable at times. But! I've only thrown up one pork chop so far.


lyndie said...

you're moving?!
you're pregnant?!
wow. exciting times. :)
when are you due?
happy for you on both counts.
understand about the moving tho- i am not a fan either, and i've moved less than you.

Adam & Val & Aubrey said...

Regi, Congrats on the baby!! If your second round experience is anything like mine, time will FLY! Hard to believe that I'm 3 weeks from my due date already. I was the same way with "forgetting" but very thankful I felt good enough to do it! :)

Hope things go well for you all.

Jason said...

Great attitude! My privilege to be your soul mate!

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh....I don't think I want to eat a pork chop any time soon.... lol

Regi said...

Lyn~ yes and yes :) Due July 13, 2010
Valerie~ yes it already seems must faster than the first two pregnancies (first pregnancy was a miscarriage)
Jay~ love you!
Anonymous~sorry about that :)

Regi said...

hahah make that 2011 :)

~~anna~~ said...

Congrats on both!!!! I'll be praying for a smooth transition~

Jenny said...

Hey, new neighbor!!! So far this 2nd pregnancy has been fast. With moving and getting situated, it will be fast for you, too. And, just remember, they're only hormones! ;)

Let us know if we can help!!!!