Thursday, April 28, 2011


For anyone who has ever bought a house from the government, I am sure you can empathize. We placed a bid for a HUD house over 2 weeks ago. (Of course I researched on the internet how much to offer and one guy even had this elaborate formula - i figured what can it hurt - so i ran the numbers and voila! they accepted my 'formula' backed bid)

Yesterday our realtor called and said that HUD wanted a more specific letter from our banker and one small change to the contract and we had 24 hours to get it back to them. Really? We wait for 2 weeks and hear nothing and then suddenly we have 24 hours to provide additional information that wasn't required in the first place? Sigh. We were actually out of state when she called and thankfully we made it back to Indiana without problems, signed the 'updated' contract at about 8:45 p.m. so that our realtor could get it back to them within the 24 hour timeline.

So now we wait some more...wondering if they are really just yanking our chain :) Of course the idea was to be moved in before the baby arrives, but at this rate it could be fall. Oh well - being the optimist that I am - that just means time to save more money for necessary items, like a refrigerator, carpet and other exciting things like that...right? Wink!


Liz said...

That's exciting - hope everything works out just right... I'm pretty sure God has "just right" figured out ;>)

Regi said...

I am sure it will :)