Thursday, December 08, 2011

give me the scoop!

for you Moms of little ones - do you have a specific day/time a week that someone watches the kids so you can have 'me' time? give me the scoop on how you accomplish it...if you do :)


Liz said...

Mine is more like once a month, though I really should make it weekly...Darrell will watch the children for an evening or a couple hours, if I ask and if we schedule it and if I make sure he knows I would really like that. :) Good luck! When I do it - I know its good for me :)

Liz said...

For example, I'm getting ready to go - alone - and get groceries. That will be a big treat for me :)

Regi said...

thanks for commenting Liz. I got a few responses on Facebook also as i listed this question as a status :)

Stephanie said...

Greg and I have always approached parenting duties as a team, so whenever I needed "me" time or had things to do, I could count on him to take care of the kids. Other than he and I, we really haven't ever had consistent help. The grandparents do what they can when they can, but those times are limited and usually saved for he and I to do something together.
Hang in seems like so many things have to be 'let go' when we are raising little ones.